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Solar Engineering and IOT Smart Home Seminar

On October 15th, DTU hosted a Solar Engineering and IOT Smart Home seminar. Representatives of the Vu Phong and the WorldTech companies talked about their popular new products and industry trends, which drew much interest from the attendees. 
Mr. Pham Nam Phong, Director of Vu Phong 
Mr. Pham Nam Phong said: “After I graduated, I worked for several different companies. Then I founded the Vu Phong Company, after doing much research in Solar Engineering. Just five years ago, only wood-frame houses used solar power, because it could be used safely and economically in remote areas. Now, many of our products are widely used. I advise you to start up confidently but, beforehand, you should research the latest, advanced international technology, to save initial cost and to work efficiently.”

In addition to manufacturing solar power products, Vu Phong also provides other applications, including a system to supply street and garden lighting.
WorldTech talked about smart devices for remote control in the home, such as central controllers, smart switches, infrared sensors, door and window sensors and remote controllers for window screens. The seminar was invaluable for Electrical Engineering students to help them gain a better understanding of the industry today, in preparation for their future careers.

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