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DTU Students Create Publicity Posters on “Protecting the Environment Together”

Twenty-two publicity posters entitled “Protecting the Environment Together”, created by students of the DTU Faculty of Architecture, contributed greatly to the success of the “Action for the Environment and our Seas and Islands” festival. The festival was organized by the Thanh Khe District People’s Committee on June 4th at the March 29th Park in Danang. One first, one Second, two third, and four consolation prizes were awarded to the best posters with the most unique ideas and powerful messages.

The DTU posters on display at the festival

The festival was held to commemorate World Environment Day, World Oceans Day and the Vietnamese Seas and Islands Week to teach union members and young people about the information and skills required to protect their environment and maritime sovereignty. It gave students the opportunity to unleash their talents and creativity.
People attending the “Action for the Environment and our Seas and Islands” festival

Nguyen Thanh Phuong, a lecturer in the DTU Faculty of Architecture, said: “To complete their posters, students had to work hard on their ideas, colors and presentations, with the able support of their lecturers. The poster design competition allowed students improve their creativity and develop new ideas with each line they drew. It also improved their awareness and sense of responsibility towards their living environment. Every poster carried a significant message, reaching out to the emotions of the audience and urging us all to join hands to protect our environment.”

The poster entitled “Save Mother Nature”, by Huynh Tan Bao, won first prize, with the idea of a gentle mother of nature protecting and sheltering thousands of species and giving them a beautiful life. The second prize went to “Clinging to the Sea”, by Nguyen Van Quy. The posters “Tottering”, by Pham Thi Hong, and “Water is Life’s Blood”, by Le Cong Huynh, received third prizes and four consolation prizes were awarded for “Indomitably Protecting our Seas and Islands”, by Pham Quang Linh, “Be Friends with Nature”, by Do Tu Thien, “Recovering Green for Life”, by Nguyen Thi Ni Na, and “Save Nature”, by Nguyen Tuong Nguyen.

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