Tiếng Việt


A Cultural Exchange with Burapha University from Thailand

On May 27th, the DTU International School met with Burapha University from Thailand. The meeting was intended as a cultural exchange and students joined hands to sing “I Love Vietnam”.
The Burapha University students share their traditional Thai culture
DTU students showed a video about the Vietnamese culture, about traditional dress, food and famous tourist attractions. Students enjoyed the friendly atmosphere, engaged in several activities together and conversed in fluent English.
Students of the two universities play activities together

Poonika Silrat of Burapha University said: “This is the first time I have visited Danang and we were so happy to receive such a warm welcome from the DTU students. I am impressed with their hospitality and enthusiasm. This exchange allowed us to learn more about Vietnam. Danang is a charming city and I really want to explore it more. Hopefully, we will all be able to meet again soon at Burapha University”.

The Burapha University students performed traditional Thai dances, such as such asthe Khon, Lakhon, and Fawn Thai, to convey a clearer understanding of their culture and taught the DTU students their dances, to strengthen their friendship.  

Vo Hung Vy, of theK19 CSUXDD class, said: “The meeting taught me more about the Thai culture and I made some new foreign friends. I was able to talk about the Vietnamese culture with them and practice my English also.”

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