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DTU Students Demonstrate their Creativity at the 2016 Model Boat Race

On May 21st, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the DTU Young Researchers’ Club held the 2016 Model Boat Race with the motto “Looking to the Sea”. The race took place at the Le Quy Don High School for the Gifted swimming pool in Danang. The students were able to demonstrate their passion for innovative research, exchange ideas and talk about Vietnam’s seas and islands.
Excited students take part in the race

Twelve teams competed in the race of four rounds, ten teams from DTU students and two from Le Quy Don, who designed their own non-submersible model boats. Submarines were not allowed. Each boat could to be equipped with up to three engines, not exceeding 12 volts and 50 watts, controlled by RF, Bluetooth, WiFi or a similar protocol.

Teams check their boats before the start

Dr Ha Dac Binh, Dean of DTU Electrical Engineering Faculty, said: “The race was an opportunity for students to strengthen their knowledge of physics, electronics, automation and telecommunications. It also provided an environment where they could apply this knowledge to solve real-life issues. Through its motto ‘Looking to the sea’, it also increased their awareness of their responsibilities in the development and protection of their fatherland, especially its maritime sovereignty.”

When the race began, the excited audience enjoyed watching the various model boats race in the pool. There were two separate racing lanes and one common, with obstacles representing the Paracel and Spratly Islands. The teams skillfully raced in figure eights around the two first islands, in separate lanes, and then navigated around the others together to finish first.

At the end of the contest, prizes were awarded to the teams with the most impressive model boat design, with the most stable operation and the fastest. A first prize of 1.5 million VND was given to the FAF2 team, from class K20 EDT, a second, worth 1 million, was awarded to the QNA team, from K20 ETS and a third of 500,000 VND to the Bam Bien team, from K19 ETD1. The H2T team, from K18 EDT, received a consolation prize of 500,000 VND.

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