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A Seminar Entitled “Startup, Easy or Difficult?”

On April 9th, DTU held a seminar entitled “Startup, Easy or Difficult?” Mr. Huynh Bao Toan, a Microsoft specialist, Dr. Vo Thanh Hai, DTU Vice-Provost, Nguyen Phi Minh, a DTU alumni who won first prize in the 2012 “Lighting up Businesses Ideas Contest”, DTU lecturers and staff attended. 
Dr. Vo Thanh Hai speaks
Dr. Hai said: “Recently, local government has given special attention to the development of startup companies in Danang. We want our city to become the Startup Capital of Vietnam. Accordingly, DTU has been the first university to incorporate a Business Startup course into its curricula. The university has organized several programs aimed at developing a Startup Ecosystem. This will create an environment where students from the Central Region can demonstrate their creative ability, in the Startup Wheel and the Social Venture Plan competitions, for example. With the support of DTU, providing policy, financing, infrastructure and staff, our students will be able to come up with practical ideas for startups with high applicability in real life.”
DTU students
DTU students talked with Nguyen Phi Minh, whose project entitled “Developing Ceremony and Banquet Services Through Bubble Art”, won first prize in 2012. “I would like to thank my DTU lecturers and the organizers of the contest for their dedicated support. Keep believing, don’t stop studying, exploring and creating. Grasp every opportunity to make your dreams come true.” 

The DTU Board and visiting guests answered questions about startups. Dang Thi Tuong Vi, of K21 PSUQTH4 in the International School, said: “The seminar is very informative and broadened my practical knowledge. By meeting and sharing ideas with successful people, I can focus better on my ideas for the future.” 

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