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DTU Students Work at the 2016 Hoi An International Food Festival

The Hoi An International Food Festival opened at the Hoi An Ancient Town Sculpture Garden on March 14th. Twelve of the best students from the DTU Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality volunteered for the week-long event.
Chefs at the 2016 Hoi An International Food Festival

Held in Hoi An for the first time, the festival hosts 12 chefs from Germany, Russia, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Slovenia, Mauritius, Italy, France, Greece, India and England. With “Taste the World” as its theme, the festival brought national cuisine from all over the world, highlighting countries, cities and people. Vietnamese chefs met and exchanged information with their famous international counterparts.
The chefs cook, with the help of DTU students 

The team of DTU volunteers helped the organizers greet the guests and assisted the chefs in the preparation of their individual dishes. In fluent English, they introduced the cuisine, country by country and explained how it is cooked to Vietnamese and foreign visitors.
Nguyen Ngo Hien, of K19 PSU DLK4, said: “I am lucky to be able to assist at the festival, which is the first of its kind in Vietnam. During the week, we impressed our guests with the hospitality and friendliness of Hoi An.”

The festival also includes demonstrations on how to prepare traditional Hoi An cakes and other traditional local dishes and services.

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