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PBL Training Course with Dutch Educators at DTU

From March 28th to 31st, a Project-Based Learning (PBL) training course was held at DTU, taught by Dr. Ginie Servant from Erasmus University in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. DTU adopted the PBL teaching method in Business Administration, Health Sciences and Humanities and Social Sciences several years ago. 
Dr. Servant teaches the PBL Training course  
Dr. Servant is an expert PBL instructor who has studied the history of PBL and has been a guest speaker at TedX Talk meetings. PBL is a learner-centered approach which empowers students to conduct research, integrate theory and practice, and use their knowledge and skills to develop viable solutions to specific problems. 
DTU lecturers and staff 
Learning with PBL helps students achieve five important goals to: (1) Activate the knowledge gained (2) Apply this knowledge, working in small collaborative groups (3) Structure and systematize knowledge to solve real-world problems (4) Learn and solve problems in context (5) Proactively participate in open-ended discussions and explore new fields of knowledge. 
The four PBL lectures and four workshops were attended by DTU lecturers and staff of the International School, Business Administration, Accounting, Hospitality and Tourism, Nursing, Humanities and Social Sciences, who learned how to apply PBL methods in teaching several subjects, techniques to develop problems in PBL subjects, and techniques to analyze and solve problems. Dr. Servant also discussed ways of evaluating PBL subjects and course alignment.
“Up to now, DTU has proactively conducted many PBL training course , nationally and internationally,” said Dr. Tran Nhat Tan, Director of the DTU Center for Quality Assurance and Testing. “We have sent staff and lecturers to international PBL conferences and courses in Denmark and Spain, which has enabled them to significantly improve their teaching methods and enabled their students to more fully understand and satisfy current international working requirements. DTU has been very proactive in the age of globalization, implementing the most advanced teaching methods, in line with international standards.”
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