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DTU Hosts the “What is American Popular Culture?”Seminar

On March 16th, DTU held the “What is American Popular Culture?” seminar. Attendees included Professor Craig Hergert, from the Minneapolis Community and Technical College in Minnesota in the USA, lecturers and students of the DTU Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, the International School and Foreign Languages.  
Professor Hergert
Professor Hergert described American popular culture since 1950. He said: “I have had a number of Vietnamese students in my classes and have wanted to come here. Vietnam is a dynamic and fascinating country and I am impressed by DTU. During my first week at the university, I was given a tour of the film studio.The staff there are working on a documentary about North Vietnamese fighter pilots during the Vietnam War. DTU takes pride in Vietnamese history and respects and preserves the country’s traditional cultural values.”
 Photos with DTU students 
Professor Hergert asked, “If you could choose three items for a future Vietnamese museum of popular culture, what would they be?” Several items were mentioned, including the Ao Dai (the traditional long dress), Non La (the palm-leaf conical hat), Pho (noodles), Nuoc Mam (fish sauce). 
Dang Tran Dieu Nhi of K20PSUQTH1 said: “The seminar was very informative. It helped broaden my knowledge and improve my English and soft kills. Studying the special popular cultural values of developed countries like America helps me to better understand the histories and traditions of other countries, which increases my self-confidence as we move into the age of global integration.”

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