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Seminar on Application of Sensor Systems to Construction Monitoring

In the morning of June 2nd DTU held the seminar entitled “Overview of Applications of several Sensor systems in Measuring and Monitoring construction works”. It was attended by the lecturers of mechanics and materials, building structures, geotechnics, and electronics and telecommunications, and by students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering.
Mr. Nguyen Lan speaks at the seminar
The opening talk by Mr. Nguyen Lan, lecturer of Bridges and Tunnels at the Danang University of Technology, gave an introduction to monitoring technologies in several road construction works in Vietnam. He referred to the situation of roads and bridges that, after construction and opening to traffic, are subject to subsidence, surface deformation, vibrations, and rapid deterioration, as is the case in many places in Vietnam. Monitoring is therefore a necessity for the success and sustainability of construction works. “Several monitoring technologies are now being applied to data collection for more accurate diagnostics of the degree of subsidence, so as to minimize economic loss, to facilitate repair and maintenance, and to manage the network of bridges in the long term,” he explained.
The seminar attracted many lecturers and students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering
The seminar continued with the talk by Mr Yuu Funaki, representative of the Kyowa Corporation, Japan. Apart from applications of monitoring technology in road and bridge construction, he also introduced some new monitoring devices used in schools and in construction practice that Japan exports, such as a device monitoring steel structures, one monitoring concrete structures, one monitoring excavation pits, and one for monitoring tunnel structures. “The Kyowa Corporation not only provides measuring equipment used in construction, but also devices for automatic monitoring and supervision, and data management and processing systems for implementation and maintenance of construction,” he added.
The exchange that went on between visitors and DTU lecturers and students at the seminar shows the importance and necessity of applying sensor systems to surveying and monitoring construction works. It has been an opportunity for lecturers and students of the Faculty of Construction to learn about new technologies in monitoring and in assessment of the “health” of construction works in Vietnam and in many countries worldwide.
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