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“Construction Work Design: Sharing some Experience with Students” Seminar

In the afternoon of May 29th, DTU organized the seminar entitled “Construction work design: Sharing some experience with students”. It attracted the presence of a great many lecturers and students of the DTU Faculty of Civil Engineering, and in particular of last-year students.
Mr. Ho Trong Hien speaks at the seminar
The talk “Construction Work Design: Sharing some Experience with Students” by Mr. Ho Trong Hien, Director of the Construction consulting and supervision company RFR Vietnam, provided newly graduates with a lot of general knowledge about the field as well as about problems and specific construction works he and his coworkers have been working on. Furthermore he also mentioned the strengths civil engineering students need to cultivate and the weaknesses to overcome when leaving university, he shared some experience about job interviews, the ability to work via email, presentation skills for specific issues, and much more. His concise and easily understood talk met with a positive reaction and with excitement from the attending lecturers and students.
Many lecturers and students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering attended the seminar
“As good as all graduates have a solid knowledge foundation and good theoretical abilities, but their capability to use technology is limited and they do not carefully read documentation or absorb new knowledge,” Mr. Ho Trong Hien said based on his long-time experience. “Their limited foreign language skills furthermore have a large impact on the progression of their work.”
Le The Huy of class K16XDD1 said: “The specialized and practical knowledge and the ‘soft’ skills I obtained in the seminar help to build up my self-confidence, and I can overcome my weaknesses to be more self-confident when searching for a job after graduation.”
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