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A National Second Prize Gains Immediate Admission to DTU

As well as the national Second prize for talented students in Computer Science, in March 2015, Le Nhat Hung has won an impressive array of prizes already, at both the city and national level, in competitions organized by Intel, Google and similar companies. This has resulted in his immediate admission to DTU.
Fortunate to link up with DTU lecturers and with Nguyen Tran Viet Chuong, who is well-known for the Silver medal he won at the Asian Youth Innovation Awards with his “iKID” web blocking software”, Nhat Hung had already chosen to study at DTU, in a state-of-the-art environment.

Realizing His Passion through Valuable Awards

One day, long ago, his computer screen suddenly went dark and then came back on again! Nhat Hung was worried and curious at the same time. He couldn’t understand what was causing the problem, so he decided to investigate himself. The young student disassembled and tinkered with the CPU. In just one year he totally destroyed three computers but the knowledge he gained was minor because he had only just scratched the surface. These youthful memories were humorous but they also inspired his passion for computers.

Lê Nh?t Hung t?i ÐH Duy Tân
Le Nhat Hung at DTU

He has hidden charms that bring him together regularly with other talented DTU award-winners for guidance. Nhat Hung says: “I have met so many clever DTU IT students, including Nguyen Manh Tuan”. Nguyen Manh won third prize in the 2014 Vietnamese Robot Contest, and Nguyen Tran Viet Chuong, won a silver medal in the Asian Youth Innovation Awards, first prize in the Danang Youth IT Innovation Programming Contest and third prize in the 2013 National Youth IT contest. 

From the moment they both learnt about my passion for computer research, they have been enthusiastically helping me with my programming and computer architecture, in order to build up my self-confidence to participate in major contests. I was also happy to discover that they had both found part-time jobs while studying. This is a reason why Information Technology mavens such as myself should select DTU for their studies.”

Valuable past experiences have helped Nhat Hung win several major contests. He came in second in the 2014 Danang Youth IT Contest, third for excellent Danang IT students in 2014, second at the VISEF 2014 contest organized by Intel, and others. Recently he came second in the 2015 National Science and Technology contest. His passion for computers is demonstrated by all the prizes that have shaped his resolve to choose his own path, with the objective of contributing the maximum to the development of information technology in Vietnam.

Arriving at DTU in Search of His Amazing Computer Science Dream

By deciding to study at DTU while still in high school, Nhat Hung obtained a solid foundation of knowledge. He was absorbed in hours of programming, soldering, drawing circuit boards and assembling equipment. He matured rapidly and went on to obtain a national second prize for skilled Computer Science students. He has also participated fully in research projects at DTU, in the Programming and Testing Grading system, and software for the management and processing of traffic violations, the Smart Traffic Signal System.

Nguyen Tran Viet Chuong, who has been directly advising Nhat Hung says: “I got to know Nhat Hung previously and I am now advising him on the use of several programming languages and introducing him to small projects in preparation for local and national contests. Hung is very passionate about Information Technology and Electronics and invests his time in his passion, so working at the international at CMU (Carnegie Mellon) IT standard is highly appropriate for him. Having studied here for two years now, I know that DTU provides a great study environment, which always puts student interests at the forefront and enables very easy communication between lecturers and students.”

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