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DTU Students Win the Highest Prize in P2A Game Contest

In the afternoon of May 13th, 2015, the contest “P2A Game” took place at 182 Nguyen Van Linh DTU campus, organized by the DTU Microsoft Innovation Center. Intended for students of the Danang area, it aimed to be an instructive playground where participants could expand their knowledge of ASEAN cultures, customs, and traditions, where they could develop much-needed skills, and which would make them conscious of the opportunities and challenges of the upcoming ASEAN integration.
Numerous guests and students attended the event
The event was attended by Ms. Le Nguyen Tue Hang, DTU Vice-Provost; Mr. Jeff Wollentin, P2A Secretariat Director and Mr. Jeroen Schedler, Executive Director- P2A Secretariat; the leadership of DTU centers and faculties, and a crowd of students from the Danang area. The contest opened with the game “Ranking the 10 ASEAN flags”, which warmed up the atmosphere and which drew an enthusiastic response from the students. Right after that, the official contest of the P2A Game contest took place, taking over 60 minutes. The students answered the P2A Game questions one by one on their phones, and the prize winners’ names were immediately called, accompanied by cheers from the audience. The organizers awarded the First prize to Nguyen Cong Tin, DTU Faculty of Electrical Engineering, who was awarded 100% funding for a 4 day Study Tour in Thailand worth 7 million VND. The Second prize fell to Nguyen Minh Cuong of the DTU Faculty of Information Technology. He received 50% funding for a 4 day Study Tour in Thailand, worth 3.5 million VND. The Third prize went to Pham Viet Ky of the DTU International School, with a worth of 1 million VND. Three Consolation prizes were awarded to Nguyen Hoang Sang, Nguyen Quoc Thai (both from International School), and Nguyen Huu Trung (Vocational College & Trade School), who received a backpack with the DTU logo.
Mr. Jeroen Schedler and Ms. Le Nguyen Tue Hang award the First and Second prizes to the winners
Nguyen Cong Tin, who received the first prize for his high score, said: “When my friends and I first heard about the P2A Game contest, we were extremely excited and we really wanted to participate. Today, having played this new game myself, I must say I really enjoyed it as it is an attractive game play. Each question unveils a vast amount of knowledge about the cultures, countries, and people of the ASEAN nations. The P2A Game will be my new favorite for the time to come - to explore, connect, and access useful information about the ASEAN countries and their people.”
Part of a series of activities around the successful 4th Partner Meeting, which brought universities and colleges of the ASEAN together, the P2A Game contest was an instructive playground for young people desiring to learn about the ASEAN member states, and to expand their knowledge and gain more understanding about them, by answering the P2A Game questions. It was also an opportunity to expose students to the P2A Game, which was developed by the Microsoft Innovation Center.
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