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New-Age Information Security Strategy and Solutions Seminar

On September 30th, the DTU International School held a New-Age Information Security Strategy and Solutions seminar. Attendees included Mr. Le Viet Trung, Director of Secure Vietnam, representatives from Cisco Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Duc Man, Dean of the DTU International School and IT lecturers, staff and students.

Mr. Le Viet Trung speaks at the seminar

Mr. Nguyen Duc Man said: “The seminar will provide you some of the latest information, the required skills and practical experience. DTU wants new students to work hard and will provide a strong foundation for their future careers. This seminar will help senior students to select their thesis topics and provide them with supplementary information to focus on specific professions and paths to future success.”

Representatives of Secure Vietnam and Cisco Vietnam presented valuable information on model design and basic networking systems development.
 DTU lecturers, staff and students at the seminar
Nguyen Chau Giang, a DTU K20 student in Network Engineering, said: “I found the seminar really informative. I hope DTU will hold more sessions on similar topics to give us the opportunity to meet companies in this field and gain some practical experience.”
The "New-age Information Security Strategy and Solution" seminar helped to orientate DTU students and provided them with more alternatives for prospective future study and research opportunities.

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