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DTU Student Research Initiatives Seminar

To provide students with a perfect study-environment and help them to practice their research skills, the Creative Youth Club of the DTU Youth Union held a DTU Student Research Initiative seminar on March 1st. Attendees included Professor Vu Xuan Quang, DTU Vice-Provost, DTU faculty, staff and students.
Ms. Le Pham Minh Anh speaks at the seminar

Professor Quang said: "Research is a vital component of student education and future careers. DTU will provide students with the best environment to concentrate on their studies and associated research." Ms. Le Pham Minh Anh, Deputy Chairperson of the Club, reported on the research that the Club has conducted from 2012 to 2014.  
  Professor Quang presents flowers to the DTU Creative Youth Club

Many student questions, on such topics as data analysis, report writing and research methods, were answered by the DTU Creative Youth Club. Nguyen Thi Diu, of DTU K17 KTR2, said: "Research enables us to understand more about what we have learned in class and offer us more opportunity to broaden our interests. It also improves our thesis preparation capabilities."

DTU faculty and students will continue to work together to enhance research at DTU in order to steadily improve the quality of education.
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