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DTU Wins Two First Prizes and One Second in the Danang Music Competition

Duy Tan University was honored to receive two first prizes and one second in “The 1st Music Competition for Universities, Colleges and Senior High Schools in Danang”. The competition was held at the Danang University of Medicine and Pharmacy on May 24th. The two performances that won first prize were “Danang Sac Mau” and “To Quoc Goi Ten Minh”, while “Noi Dao Xa” won second prize.
The competition drew fourteen teams from local universities, colleges and senior high schools including: Duy Tan University, Lac Viet College, the Central Region Senior Civil Engineering High School, the Polytechnic College, the Transportation College, the Danang University of Architecture, the Y Viet Senior High School, the College of Economics & Planning, Dong A University, Phuong Dong College, Danang University of Medicine and Pharmacy, the College of Food Industry, the Viet Han College and the College of Commerce.
DTU’s performance wins first prize

With the title: “Praising the Party, Uncle Ho and the Love for our People, our Islands, our Motherland and our Nation”, the DTU team excelled in their three performances. In the modern dancing of “Danang Sac Mau”, DTU students looked very beautiful with their fine dresses and graceful movements. The song “Noi Dao Xa” by the musician The Sang was performed by DTU faculty and students, and was so moving that it touched the hearts of the audience. With a strong and expressive voice, a DTU lecturer, Mr. Nguyen Huu Hien, impressed everyone with the song “To Quoc Goi Ten Minh”, composed by musician Dinh Trung Can.

The musician Dinh Tham was one of the judges. He is a member of Vietnam Association of Musicians and Manager of Trung Vuong Theatre and said: “Though this is the first time this competition has been held, I feel very surprised and happy to see each of the performances. I was really impressed by them all, especially “Danang Sac Mau” by the DTU group. Their dancing was interesting and delightful. Duy Tan University was one of the top three teams, and its performances won several prizes”.
Mr. Nguyen Huu Hien performs “To Quoc Goi Ten Minh”

With 40 overwhelming performances from 14 local universities, colleges and senior high schools, the DTU team was honored to receive two first prizes and one second. “Danang Nang Sac Mau” by DTU students and “To Quoc Goi Ten Minh” by Mr. Nguyen Huu Hien won first prizes while “Noi Dao Xa” came second. “Danang Sac Mau” was specially selected to be performed at Trung Vuong Theatre on June 8th, with thirteen other performances.

The Music Competition for Universities, Colleges and Senior High School in Danang was organized by the Danang Department of Education and Training. After the very first annual competition, DTU left a strong impression, with its high achievement. This will inspire the DTU faculty and students to gain even better results next year.
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