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The DTU Bigbang and DTU Pollux Teams Reach The Final 16 in the 2013 Vietnam Robocon Contest

On May 8th and 9th, the second and the third day of the 2013 Vietnam Robocon Final Round were held at the Tien Son Sports and Entertainment Complex, which seemed to explode every time leaves were shot into the Moon. The DTU Bigbang and DTU Pollux teams retained their steadiness and competitive spirit to continue performing well with several “knock-outs”. By winning the Green Planets, they officially entered the final 16 of the 2013 contest.

Speaking confidentially at the opening ceremony, Mr. Pham Viet Tien, Vice-Director of VTV, said that the contest had inspired all the thirty-two Robocon teams to perform strongly in this round. He said:” Not only does the Vietnam Robocon Contest provide students with opportunities in research and innovation, it also helps them develop their scientific thinking to come up with working and useful technological solutions.”

The DTU Bigbang team performs in the 2013 Vietnam Robocon Finals

In the qualifying Central Region rounds, most victories were defined by small point differences. In the final round, the game ended with the Green Planet robot shooting leaves into the Moon. This demonstrated the outstanding improvement in the quality of most Robocon teams, as well as the perfection of their robots. They have become very powerful robots indeed.

It was the steady design improvements of its robots to meet the requirements of each round that helped the DTU Bigbang and DTU Pollux to have such spectacular wins. It defeated three other teams, the TNT-EX (from Tran Dai Nghia University), Sao Do - Truong Sa (from Sao Do University) and LH-NVN EAGLE (from Lac Hong University), to become top of Group C and reach the 2013 Vietnam Robocon Finals. The three DTU victories were achieved in a particularly short time. The DTU – Pollux team also defeated two teams Sao Do – Hoang Sa (from Sao Do University) and SKH – Green 1 (from Hung Yen Technological Education University) to be ranked at the second place of Group E. DTU – Pollux also got a ticket to the top 16 finals.

DTU supporters 
Nguyen Quang Long (the DTU Bigbang team leader) said: “Entering the Central finals with good confidence helped us to win today. The robot we introduced proved to be powerful. Because most robots work well, team members need to be very skillful handling them and must compete carefully and confidently. More than ever, the DTU Bigbang team held together during the contest and won for DTU".
Tran Quoc Hao (leader of DTU – Pollux team) shared: “The result of DTU – Bigbang team inspired DTU – Pollux a lot in this round. Our robots have been improved but they still remained the stability with fast moves and exactly shots to win the Green Planet. After this round, we will fix them to improve their speeds in order to gain higher results”.

After three days of competition, the twelve teams entering the last 16 in the upcoming national finals will be:

DTU - BIGBANG,  LH - NVN EAGLE (from Lac Hong University), BK - VS (from Danang Polytechnic University), LH - ET* (from Lac Hong University), VTEC - HIT (from Vinh Phuc Economic and Polytechnic College), Sao Do - TNT1 (from Sao Do University), Sao Do - TNT2 (from Sao Do University) and BKIT O  (from the University of Technical Education in Ho Chi Minh City), NO3 (Hanoi University of Industry), LH - SEE (Lac Hong University), BKIT Number One (Ho Chi Minh University of Polytechnic).
On 10th May, the DTU - TITAN team will compete against other Robocon teams nationwide.

Let’s all follow and support the DTU Robocon teams on the road to glory!