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The National Finals of the 2013 Vietnam Robocon Contest

The four DTU teams officially reached the National Finals of the 2013 Vietnam Robocon contest, thanks to impressive robots and skilful tactics. The finals will be held from May 6th to 12th at the Tien Son Sports and Entertainment Complex in Danang. After their noteworthy accomplishment of 2012, when the team finally reached the final round after six consecutive years of trying, once again, the initial DTU’s wins in 2013 demonstrated the significant progress they have made in robot construction and tactics to excel. 

The DTU Robocon team at the 2013 Robocon Contest of Central Vietnam 

Having developed a great interest in robots and a strong desire to win, DTU students are once again devoting themselves to studying and, at the same time, creating even better robots for the 2013 Vietnam Robocon Contest. Thirty-two DTU students and faculty have focused on creating six trial robots to select the best ones for the national competition. How can they ever forget the very hard times, with many things all happening at once, while they were preparing for the regional contest. They will especially remember the overnight practice sessions, the gas explosion caused by not adjusting the pressure, or burning themselves while drilling and welding!

The joyful and victorious DTU Robocon teams

The 2013 Vietnam Robocon Competition is considered to be very competitive. There are many experienced competitors and new ones from well-known universities all over the country participating. Eight DTU Robocon teams will participate in the final rounds with high hopes and spirits. The DTU Robocon teams gained resounding victories when they constantly succeed in defeating their competitors in the Central Region in 2013, and were recognized for their very fast robots.

A crowd of DTU Robocon supporters seemed held their breath watching every move of their robots and were delighted to see the great improvements. After defeating strong competitors from the University of Command Information, Danang Polytechnic, the Dak Lak Vocational Training College and Dong A University, the four DTU Robocon teams move up to the 2013 national finals to compete with 29 other teams. They are the DTU-POLLUX, DTU-WARRIOR, DTU- LION and DTU-TITAN teams. The other two teams entering the national finals are the BKD-PTC and BK-VS teams from Danang Polytechnic.

Mr. Dang Ngoc Sy, Acting-Director of the DTU Center for Electricity and Electronics (CEE), in charge of the DTU Robocon teams, excitedly remarked: “I am so delighted with the early achievements of the DTU Robocon teams. Their success is due to ambition, hard work and their passion for research. They have confirmed their talent and excellent team-work during the competition. The DTU Robocon teams gained the most “GREEN PLANET“points. This demonstrated that they have made significant progress in robot construction and tactics. Last year, only one DTU team entered the national finals, while this year we have four. We deserve to move to even greater heights and build upon our experience so far”. 

One of the 2013 Robocon judges Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Tang Cuong (of The Military Technical Academy) commented: "Using the “Green Planet” theme for the 2013 Robocon Competition, the organizers planned to create an arena where students could demonstrate their talent and creativity to protect our environment. The quality of most participants has improved remarkably, especially their competitiveness and team spirit. However, they do need to upgrade their robots to save time whenever the Robots handle “buds” or shoot into the Moon. By doing this, they will win “GREEN PLANET” points much easier”. This was an excellent suggestion to assist DTU Robocon teams to create better robots in the future. 

Currently DTU Robocon teams are engrossed in developing better robots. Phan Van Dat, the DTU Lion team leader, said: "We felt calm and confident participating in Robocon this year. It is this competitive confidence and solidarity that inspires us to continue winning. The DTU-TITAN robots have proved to be fast and reliable. We are not resting on our laurels. We are doing our best to develop new robots to compete in the upcoming national finals".

With their spirit, passion, early impressive wins and strong willpower, the four DTU Robocon teams are eager to reach their target and reach new heights nationally and internationally.
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