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The DTU Robocon Wins the Best Hand-Controlled and Automatic Robot Prizes

The final rounds and the awards ceremony of the 2013 Vietnam Robocon Contest took place in the Danang Tien Son Sports Stadium on the evening of May 12th. The organizers awarded first, second and other prizes. The DTU-TITAN team won The Best Hand-Controlled Robot prize and The Best Automatic Robot prize was awarded to the DTU-POLLUX team.
The DTU - POLLUX team wins the Best Automatic Robot prize

The 2013 Vietnam Robocon teams were outstanding and the most significant pieces of equipment were the hand-controlled and automatic robots. The DTU-TITAN team performed very well and won the Best Hand-Controlled prize because of their reliable robots, fast moves and precise shots at the Green Planet. The DTU-POLLUX team was proud to receive the Best Automatic Robot prize. Winning the two most significant prizes created new standards in robot design for the DTU Robocon teams. If the DTU hand-controlled and automatic robots perform even more consistently next time, the DTU Robocon team will do even better.

Phan Nguyen Thanh Tam of DLK6 in the DTU Vocational School said: “I always follow and encourage the DTU Robocon teams. I was delighted to see the outstanding progress of DTU Robocon teams this year. We absolutely deserved to win the Best Hand-Controlled and Automatic Robot prizes. Hopefully, all members of DTU Robocon teams will always passionately research the necessary improvements to take our robots to new heights in upcoming competitions".

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