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U-League 2012: DTU Impresses the Competition

The DTU team were cheered, applauded and congratulated as they won three first prizes in the second week of the 2012 U-League Competition in Central Vietnam.

The DTU team in a Futsal match

Futsal: Winning by Fair play and Teamwork

The DTU and Phuong Dong teams met in the Futsal 1 match. They played hard and tried their best, as this was an important match to select a winner to go into the semi-finals. In the 10th minute, DTU scored their first goal and seven minutes later, the score was even.

In the second half, Phuong Dong played well. However, the DTU team worked closely together to keep Phuong Dong players from scoring more goals. The final score was 2-1 for DTU. The hall boomed with the cheers of the DTU supporters.

Miss U-League: Achievements in Dancing

Ms. Le Thi Ngoc Huyen represented DTU in the Miss U-League 2012. She had already won First prize in the 2011 DTU Elegant and Talented Students Contest and Second prize in the 2012 Students Contest in the couples section. In the 2012 Miss U-League, she danced in competition with Phuong Dong College, the University of Architecture and Quang Nam University. Ngoc Huyen impressed the audience with her “Vu Dieu Duong Cong” dance. She was in the spotlight, moving so beautifully that the audience couldn’t take their eyes off her. Her score of 90.4 put her through to the regional finals.  

Ms. Le Thi Ngoc Huyen performs “Vu Dieu Duong Cong”


Cheerleading: A Decisive Win

A win in the Cheerleading section gave DTU a third qualification to the finals. Despite competing three times already, the DTU team looked worried as they watched the team from the University of Architecture performing. They did not disappoint the audience however. DTU performed confidently, with perfect teamwork and amazing movements. They scored 62, the highest of the day and could now be contenders for a place in the national finals.

The DTU Cheerleading team
Supporters of the DTU team were awarded “The Most Zealous Supporters” prize by the judges. They really deserved this prize for their encouragement for not only the DTU team but for the Quang Nam University team also.
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