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The DTU English Singing Competition

On the 4th of October, an English Singing Competition entitled “Rock Your English Out” was organized by Ms. Pamela Viernes Dy, an English Teacher at the DTU International School. This was a chance for advanced DTU students to practice and sing in English.

CMU, PSU and CSU students had to perform in two sections, in duets and then in groups, with songs suggested by the judges. Based on their performances, pronunciation and creativity, the judges selected the winners of each section.

Mr. Thai Son opened the show with a performance of “Billy Jean” with amazing movements, just like Michael Jackson. He was also one of the competition judges, together with Mr. Bryan Thacker, Mr. Sherman Graham and Mr. Tran Le Minh Chau from the DTU International School.
K17 PSU FIS - Winners of the Group Singing Contest

The first prize for a duet was awarded to K17 CSU AIS. In the group singing section, students worked closely together onstage. K17 PSU FIS were very professional singing “Bring Me to Life”, with their impressive movements and beautiful voices and won first prize.

 “I was very excited to attend the competition. The performers sang in fluent English and were highly confident performing onstage. I hope to be involved in the next contest”, said Miss Vu Hoai Thuong, a K18 student.

Students enrolled in advanced DTU programs have more time to study English with native speakers. The English Singing Competition has been one way of helping them improve their English and gain confidence in their spare time.
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