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“The Enjoyment of Making New Friends”

On the evening of June 16, a musical performance took place for DTU and Singapore Polytechnic students to get to know each other. This was one of the activities that the Singaporean students had planned during their three-weeks of charity work at DTU.
A performance by Singapore Polytechnic students
Mr. Saculo, the leader of the Singapore Polytechnic group said: “We are all eager to participate in this performance with DTU students. We have spent two weeks practicing with the hope of making this an unforgettable evening for all. DTU and Singapore Polytechnic students have shared memorable days together and become closer. We hope that our friendship will last forever”.
Students of both universities
Impressive performances, including modern dance, singing and plays contributed to a delightful evening and a spirit of youthfulness, friendship and solidarity was experienced by all. Differences in culture and customs did not create a barrier anymore as all the students had the same desire to dedicate themselves to the community through their charitable activities.
The final rendition of the song “Peng You” still remains in the hearts of the performers. DTU hopes to meet Singapore Polytechnic students again and wishes them all the best.
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