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DTU student won “Attractive Student” prize

“Nguyen Tam is a gentle, honest and easy-going woman”. That was her description on the ‘Dream Female Student” competition website. In real life, Nguyen Tam attracts people by her charming smile and dimples. She won the “Most Attractive Student” prize, worth 20 million VND, as her photos were voted the best of over 2,271 competitors.

Phan Le Vu Nguyen Tam was one of the very few students achieving such a high score in the competition. She officially only enrolled on May 19, even though the competition was launched on March 20.

Obviously, she is very happy that she won. She said: “I cried when I won because it was so unexpected. I want to say a big thank-you to all my friends, family and the organizers their support”.

She shared some “tips” about posing for the photos: “My interest travelling extensively with family and friends, so most of my photos were shot as memorabilia. I really felt at ease when the photos were taken, which made them look very natural. I found out about the competition by accident when voting for a friend, who helped me register for the “Dream Female Student” competition.

She added: “I am lucky to be close friends with my talented photographers. In my opinion, it is better to be yourself in photos and in real life. In addition, students should learn more about culture and other topics to enhance their lives and studies”.

However, Ms. Tam could not hide her fear that she might encounter some extra challenges in winning the competition. “I am a little afraid that I must now concentrate on maintaining my reputation after the competition. If I am invited to attend special events or to advertise products, I will try not to let this interfere with my studies. I think I could learn more by participating in such activities. The competition has certainly increased my enthusiasm and passion for the future.

Nguyen Tam is looking forward to attending the award ceremony, which will be held in Hanoi on July 23. When asked about how she would spend her prize money, she said: “I will certainly donate to DTU’s s charity work at the Quang Chau Pagoda and Hope Village, as I want to share my success with the community. I hope that my experiences this summer be meaningful and unforgettable”.

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