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Let’s Vote and Welcome Famous Singers to DTU to Participate in the “Than Tuong Dot Kich” Competition

Do you want to enjoy a big musical show and meet famous Vietnamese singers? Do you want to relax after working hard all day? You can do this taking part in the “Than Tuong Dot Kich” competition.
The singer My Tam 

Inspired by the Korean MTV program School Attack, “Than Tuong Dot Kich” is a series of six musical shows to be held at university campuses, starring celebrated Vietnamese singers. This reality TV show, sponsored by MTV Vietnam and Nokia will bring students many surprises as the names of the stars will be kept secret until the day of the show.

“Than Tuong Dot Kich” booths will be displayed at eighteen universities nationwide. Duy Tan University is one of the three institutions in Central Vietnam which will participate. Hopefully, the partnership with MTV will be a special gift for DTU students in December.  

In just five simple steps, you can vote for DTU by uploading photos of DTU activities and events. If many photos are uploaded, it will greatly increase the chances of DTU winning.


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