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The 2013 DTU Robocon Team Strives for Victory

Having developed a great interest in robots and a strong will to win, DTU students are once again devoting themselves to studying and, at the same time, creating even better robots for 2013 Vietnam Robocon Contest. 

After their noteworthy accomplishment of 2012, when the team finally reached the final round after six consecutive years of trying, the TITAN 1 has inspired the entire Robocon team to compete again in next year’s contest. 

With high expectations of success, the DTU Management Board has decided to invest more than 1 billion dong in constructing the Robot Research and Construction Laboratory at Campus #5 in the Hoa Khanh Nam ward of the Lien Chieu district of Danang.
Forty-five DTU technicians have almost completed preparations for the local DTU Robocon contest, which will qualify teams for the national contest. 
 The 2013 DTU Robocon team
We paid a visit to the Robot Research and Construction Laboratory, where we saw eight groups of students from the Departments of Electronic Telecommunications and IT engrossed in creating robots. Only few experienced ones had already participated in the local, regional and national contests. The others were newly recruited and were working with robots for the first time. Despite that, things were happening because they all shared a similar interest and love for robots.

In areas for sharpening, welding, drilling and cutting, tools such as pincers, hammers, nails, bolts and screws became “close friends” of the DTU robot manufacturers. Mr. Dang Ngoc Sy, Acting Director of the Center of Electricity and Electronics (CEE) and the Manager of Robocon DTU 2013 said “Officially restarted on May 24t, the 2013DTU Robocon team is focusing on creating the trial robot and implement its final concepts by early November. The next assignment for each group is based on the general design to create their own robot. Robocon DTU is making great efforts to reach the target of getting at  least four teams to the final round of the 2013 Vietnam Robocon contest, which will be hosted by Danang in May 2013.”

DTU students who have been deeply interested in robots for many years now have become highly motivated. Tran Quoc Hao (K16TPM) shared his feelings with us by saying: “As this is the second year I have taken part in studying and creating robot. I regret missing an opportunity to participate in the final round of Vietnam Robocon 2012. But it has encouraged us to do our best to win this time. With the strong support and investment of the DTU Management Board, together with our strong willpower, Robocon DTU 2013 expects to excel by achieving the goals we have set for the upcoming contests.”
Following the Robocon 2013 warm-up, the DTU team 2013 is moving steadily forward with the ambition of winning the 2013 Vietnam and Asia-Pacific Robocon competition.
Let’s all support the 2013 DTU Robocon team!
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