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The Excitement of DTU Enrollment Day

On September 5th, hundreds of students nationwide arrived early at the DTU campus to complete their applications for the new 2012-2013 academic year.
Many students arrive early at DTU on enrollment day

At the beginning of August, DTU’s Enrollment Board had begun careful preparation under the supervision of the DTU Provosts and, on enrollment day, DTU faculty and staff assisted newcomers with their paperwork. 

It was the first time that many of these students had been in a major city, so some of them found it difficult to hide their trepidation. Ms. Truong Ha Anh from Huynh Ngoc Hue High School in Quang Nam Province said: “Though my father has brought me to DTU on enrollment day, I still feel a little nervous but I’m excited to become a new DTU student. And I’ve already met many friends from high school here, which has boosted my confidence significantly”.  

Ms. Nguyen Thi Nhung, a student from the Gio Linh High School in Quang Tri added: “I know some DTU students and they have helped me a lot during my first few days in Danang. However, I am still looking for an apartment. DTU’s Youth Union has recommended some good places to me at affordable prices. It’s also good to know that DTU offers dormitories to students this year”.

DTU juniors will start work on September 10 and those enrolling in the second period, from September 20th - 25th, will begin their Political Theory later. We wish DTU freshmen great success in their studies in the coming year.

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