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The Social Venture Plan Competition-An Opportunity for All

On June 7 and 8, the first round of the Social Venture Plan Competition took place at the DTU campus twenty-three teams participating from local colleges and universities. Fifteen teams were selected by the judges to compete in the final round. Sixty-seven of the one-hundred and seven students were from Duy Tan.
The Future Business Team presents their project

The competition was held in collaboration with Singapore Polytechnic and Burapha University, in order to allow students to learn how to run a small business. Talented students in this competition might then be hired by local companies or get funded by investors. 

The English requirement was not a challenge for most teams. They all did well, performing with confidence, creativity and intelligence during their presentations. Many of them made a strong impression on the judges by their convincing answers to the judges’ questions.

In fact DTU students received the compliments of the judges for their English skills. Mr. Nguyen Duc Man, Vice-Dean of the DTU International School said “DTU students had good business ideas that will benefit them with practice. Some even surprised the judges with their excellent English. The most impressive team could be TGT, with their project “The Beauty of Recycling”. Although are only in their first year, they all have very good pronunciation and intonation”. 

In the 2011 Social Venture Planning Competition, DTU students achieved remarkable results. The Art Gallery in Danang, a project of the Light team won First Prize in the final round in Vietnam and a consolation prize in America. Other individual prizes such as the Best English Written Project, the Most Impressive Idea and so on were also awarded to DTU students.

The competition was a chance for students to win valuable prizes. The judges will select six to eight students to compete in the final round in Singapore. All expenses will be paid by DTU, Burapha University and Singapore Polytechnic.
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