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CMU Students from the DTU International School Successfully Defend their Capstone Projects

On May 20, 23, CMU students from the DTU International School successfully defended their Capstone projects. These included 75 students majoring Information Technology and Systems divided into 17 groups, and 31 students at college level divided into 8 groups.
CMU students prepare their Capstone defense

After 3 days of students defending their Capstone projects, the board of judges evaluated 25 projects as fair and 106 at the high level. These were the first DTU/CMU graduates who now have a very promising future ahead of them.

To be well prepared for the Capstone Defense, both students and their instructors spent 6 months completing their projects. Many meetings led by lecturers were held to scrutinize student’s projects in detail. Student Le Thi Nhu Truc - K14 shared her misgivings during the Capstone procedure by saying: “Time was the biggest challenge while conducting the projects. However, thanks to the great efforts and corporation between students aided by the enthusiastic support of our lecturers, we successfully completed our projects on schedule.”

Several 2nd and 3rd year students also joined the Capstone Defense students to encourage them and draw gain experience from the seniors. Their excellent achievements proved to be a great inspiration for the undergraduates, who learn using the state-of-the-art teaching methods of the CMU program.

The Graduation Ceremony for CMU students majoring in Information Technology and Systems will take place at the Trung Vuong Theater on June 3rd.

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