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Electronics and Telecommunications: The creative branch of learning at DTU

Today, with the support of electronics and telecommunications, careers in shipping, aviation, networking, music and so on have developed rapidly. DTU has established Department of Electronics and Telecommunications, which is the ideal place for training a highly qualified labor force for Central Vietnam. Since 2009, with training majors, including Automation Electronics, Informatics, Telecommunication Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications in 2009, DTU has been contributing to local industrialization.
The DTU Robocon team (in red) at the 2012 Robocon Contest of Central Vietnam

In many ways, electronics and telecommunications have provided the foundation for the development of innovative products over the past 150 years. Today, they play a major role in many special applications, in research, high-technology, micro-electronics, telecommunications, networking, flight navigation, shipping, audiovisual and so on. In Vietnam, electronics and telecommunications have played an important role in economic development. Consequently, training a high quality labor force in these fields has become essential. 

The program of Electronics and Telecommunications at DTU is based on the original programs of American universities, carried out under the CDIO process, which is the standard in training engineers around the world. DTU has brought the ideal study environment to students by investing heavily in facilities and equipment. The telecommunications laboratory is equipped with modern spectrometers and networking and logic imported from the USA, normally owned by only the largest Vietnamese universities. 

At DTU training focuses on Electronics and Telecommunications. This is a new technological field of study, requiring concentration, excellent study skills, energy and enthusiasm, also involving a heavy and complicated workload, so collaboration with one’s peers is essential. In addition to competence and research skills, students are required to work together. DTU has therefore focused on teaching soft skills and improving humanitarian and social science studies to help in student development. Integrated Circuit Design, combining electronics and information technology is an innovative teaching approach at DTU. This is regarded as the first step towards interdisciplinary education development, currently an international trend.

Students of Electronics and Telecommunications have recently made remarkable achievements, thanks to DTU’s support. From 2009 to 2011, the DTU Robocon team has annually been at the top of the Central Vietnam contest and was honored to be one of the sixteen national finalists in 2012.

“Electronics and Telecommunications are necessary in national industrialization and modernization. The corporate demand for employees in this field has risen day-by-day, especially in the field of information technology. The Department of Electronics and Telecommunications will continue to enroll students in majors of Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications and Automation. Students who pass the MOET university entrance exam can enroll at DTU in these majors”, said Mr. Nguyen Van Tho, the Dean of the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications.
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