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A New Plan to Invest in the Improvement of Mathematics Programs at DTU

On September 6th,  faculty members of the DTU Department of Natural Sciences, Research and Development held a workshop with Professor H. Osaka from Ritsumeikan University (RMU) in Japan at DTU.

The universities introduced themselves by talking about their development. According to Professor Osaka, RMU has become one of the most prestigious campuses of the Ritsumeikan group, offering academic Mathematical programs from the primary up to the postgraduate level. The group has also been recognized in Japan for its innovative thinking.
Professor Osaka addresses the workshop

 “Students from all over the world are enrolling at our university. We are offering valuable scholarships for both undergraduates and postgraduates. We hope to sign an agreement with DTU soon that will open new doors for DTU faculty and students in the field of Mathematics”, said Professor Osaka.

On behalf of Duy Tan University, Dr. Vo Thanh Hai thanked Professor Osaka for his offer to collaborate in the field of Mathematics. In Vietnam, there has recently been little improvement in this field of study. However, DTU and RMU might become partners in building a stronger foundation for DTU Information Systems faculty and students.  

On the same occasion, Professor Osaka and Dr. Ho Minh Toan, from the Vietnam Institute of Mathematics, both made presentations. Their interesting concepts and opinions were discussed by the attendees.

 It is my pleasure to be here to meet and exchange information with the DTU faculty. I hope DTU and RMU will be able to collaborate to improve Mathematics study programs in the future”, said Professor Osaka at the end of the workshop. 
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