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A New, Internationally Recognized Partnership between DTU and California State University CSU)

A Signing Ceremony for Academic Cooperation between California State University (CSU) and DTU was officially held at the DTU campus on 7th April, 2011. This important event was honored by the attendance of representatives from CSU, the Danang People’s Committee, the DTU Management Boards and the entire DTU staff and student body.

Established in 1957, CSU is part of the renowned California State University system, which is ranked as one of the top ten public universities in the western USA for its Master’s Degree programs. CSU is popular with Vietnamese students and has approximately 17,000 international students out of the total 37,000. The three strongest faculties at CSU are Business Management, Engineering and Architecture.
  DTU and CSU delegates sign the MOU

Under the agreement, CSU will share academic programs in 24 fields of study to DTU. Students who complete the programs satisfactorily will be granted a Certificate of Completion by CSU. In addition, DTU will send 100 lecturers to CSU for training. The DTU programs will be taught directly by CSU lecturers and DTU lecturers participating in the partnership.

Dr. Harry L. Norman, the CSU International Training Manager said: “Engineering and Architecture are two of the strongest disciplines at CSU. We believe that DTU has many excellent students because of their achievements in recent national competitions. Hopefully, this collaboration between CSU and DTU will enable DTU to provide more qualified Vietnamese workers in the near future”.

On behalf of DTU, Mr. Le Cong Co gave his thanks to CSU Management Board for their confidence in choosing DTU as their partner in Vietnam. “Our path of progress is not an easy one. However, we are very proud with what we have done so far. Partnering with highly-recognized American universities is one of the achievements we can be proud of”, Mr. Co said.
Mr. Phung Tan Viet, Vice Deputy of Danang People’s Committee speaks at the ceremony.
 Mr. Phung Tan Viet, Vice Deputy of Danang People’s Committee stated: “We are very happy that DTU has such an excellent social integration strategy. Danang is the biggest city in Central Vietnam, with many exciting developments already in progress.  DTU continues to contribute significantly to the development of education in our region. The new partnerships between DTU and CSU and others can be considered as concrete proof of this”.
The ceremony ended on a very happy and friendly note. In 2011, this program will create more opportunities for students interested in studying Engineering and Architecture.
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