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American Students Visit DTU

On 5th April, 2011, about 10 university students from the state of Vermont in the USA visited DTU and met briefly with DTU Foreign Language students.
Students exchange information about Vietnamese and American cultures

During the meeting, the students exchanged cultural information. Daniel, an American delegation student said: “We come from many different universities around the US, including those in Boston and Washington D.C. We study international cultures, foreign relations, medicine and so on. Discovering the culture, the country and people of Vietnam is a passion for all of us. We have visited many universities around Vietnam. It’s a surprise for us to learn that DTU has been a partner of many famous American universities, such as CMU, PSU and CSU. These innovative programs will prove very useful for students today”.

Having more opportunities to meet with foreign students will help DTU students practice their English and learn more about foreign cultures. It will also teach students from overseas more about the Vietnamese educational system and the range of international programs at DTU.

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