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DTU Lecturers Adapting to International Teaching Methods

With the aim of facilitating DTU faculty members to adapt to advanced international teaching methods, on January 1st, 2010, DTU organized an innovative teaching methodology class for lecturers, chaired by Dr.JeongHee Kim and Prof. Cao Huu Tri from California State University.

DTU Lecturers at the Teaching Methodology Class

Over the course of six days, the training program focused on three main topics, including the American higher education systemcurriculum development, effective classroom management and e-learning. According to Dr.JeongHee Kim, despite of the fact that Vietnam and the United States are dissimilar in many ways, all training processes depend on the learner, the teacher and study environment. The instructor is the most important factor in establishing quality educationUnderstanding class control, modern teaching methods and American acaccreditation systems may help make DTU lecturers more innovative and effective.

Dr. JeongHee Kim and Prof. Cao Huu Tri are currently teaching at California State University in San Jose and both visit DTU annually, playing a crucial role in improving teaching and studying skills.

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