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A New Partnership for Duy Tan University

On November 19th 2010, delegates from California State University, in Fullerton, USA visited DTU to meet with Mr. Le Cong Co, Chairman of the DTU Management Board and Rector.

The two parties discussed about how to improve the English skills of DTU lecturers and how to introduce teaching methods to them. Mr. Le Cong Co said: “Private universities do not get the same financial support from the government as public ones. However, we do have more control over our curricula and more flexibility in administration and in initiatives to expand our international partnerships”.

Mr. Le Cong Co meets with delegates from Cal State, Fullerton

 Specifying his two basic goals for DTU: “To make English the essential tool for all international communication” and “to implement new, non-traditional, teaching methods ”, Mr. Le Cong Co expressed his hope to receive help from Cal State Fullerton in improving English skills for DTU staff. Cal State, Fullerton, has had success with similar programs in China, Japan, and Korea. Over the course of three weeks, lecturers will learn from Cal State professors to improve their English proficiency. They will gain valuable new experience and learn about state-of-the-art teaching methods.

 Mr. Le Cong Co also expressed an interest in collaborating with Cal State Fullerton in a “2+2” program for DTU students to use CSF curriculum. Dr. Harry L. Norman, Dean of the Cal State Fullerton Extended Education Department said: “One of Fullerton’s strengths is Business Administration, so might be possible for us to collaborate with DTU. We would have to decide the type of CSF curriculum we would provide to DTU and discuss this further together”.

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