Tiếng Việt


Studying I/T is the Right Choice for DTU Students.

In 2005 Duy Tan University established an I/T partnership program with the National Institute of Information in Delhi, India.

On August 20th 2010, a seminar entitled "Cloud Computing" was presented by Mr. Vijo Joy and Mr. Pravesh Kumar, NIIT representatives in Vietnam. The seminar was attended by many DTU I/T students and was intended to introduce them to new state-of the-art technologies.

Mr.Vijo’s remarks on how to succeed in the I/T industry today commended special attention. He noted that, because of the strong, increasing demand for I/T experts worldwide, especially in developing countries like Vietnam, that I/T students should focus and plan their careers very early in their studies.

The core of the seminar was a presentation on “Clouding Computing” by Mr. Kumar. It is a virtual server that uses special computer technology with the Internet and, all functions are provided in the form of a “service”. Users can access the services from a certain supplier “cloud” without much knowledge or experience. Currently, this technology is being used in many well-known companies worldwide and so, NIIT/DTU students should familiarize themselves with it as soon as possible.

By regularly upgrading student skills in this ways, DTU strikes to provide them with a road to future success.