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DTU Faculty of Chinese Holds Workshop “Reach out to Big Sea 2”

May 8,2022

Building on the success of their first Career Orientation Conference online, the DTU Faculty of Chinese worked with several businesses to hold the workshop “Reach Out to Big Sea 2” on May 7th at the 3 Quang Trung campus, Danang. It was a networking opportunity for students where they could meet with businesses and exchange with the speakers to get a better understanding of what they need for their future careers...

Workshop on “Biomimetic Restoration” for Odonto-Stomatology Students

March 28,2023

On March 28th, a “Biomimetic Restoration” workshop was held for Odonto-Stomatology students, providing the latest information on biomimetic restoration and in-person training on the standard “Cavity Shaping II” technique. “The purpose of biomimetic restoration in Odonto-Stomatology is to replace all damaged or blemished tooth tissues with biomimetic materials, allowing the teeth to function again normally,” explained the Mani Medical Hanoi Company...

May 26,2023