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The 2017 Imagine Tour Workshop at DTU

On November 25, DTU and Microsoft Vietnam held the “2017 Imagine Tour” workshop. Mr. Bach Tuong Tri, representative of Microsoft Vietnam, DTU faculty heads of Information Technology, the International School, the DTU MIC and DTU students attended.

Mr. Bach Tuong Tri 
Mr. Tri said: “DTU is one of the strong universities in the training of IT in Danang. Recently, DTU partnered with Microsoft Vietnam to organize competitions to attract talented students of Information Technology in the region. We are very proud of the achievements of the DTU students in big competitions, such as the Innovation Cup and the Imagine Cup.”
DTU students, winners of the 2016 Microsoft Imagine Cup, speak at the workshop

Mr. Tri talked about the Microsoft Imagine, Student Partner and 2017 Imagine Cup competitions. Microsoft Imagine consists of a set of tools for study and research, including Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio and Xamarina. 

The Microsoft Imagine Cup is the most prestigious student technology competition, bringing together innovative students from all over the world and helping DTU IT enthusiasts to convert theory into practice. The theme of the 2017 Microsoft Imagine Cup 2017 is “Innovation and Real World Solutions.” In Vietnam, the first round, the Proposal, takes place on December 18th, the second round, the Project, in March 2017 and the National Finals in April.

With their Smart Garden project, the DTU team beat six other strong teams nationwide to win the 2016 National Microsoft Imagine Cup.
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