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Seminar on the International Internship Program

On October 12th, the DTU International School and MGM Technology from Germany held a seminar on International Internship program. 
MGM Technology provides software solutions for online business, in network security and application development. Over the past twenty years, MGM Technology has established branch offices in Zurich, Prague, Grenoble, Washington and elsewhere and opened its Vietnam office in January 2016.  
Mr. Till Gartner of MGM Technology Danang 
Mr. Till Gartner, from MGM Technology Danang, said: “MGM is looking for interns, who we will train in IT, soft skills and special English. We provide our staff a secure, flexible and friendly working environment. IT students who have basic Mathematical knowledge, an interest in software development and want to work for an international company are qualified for internship jobs at MGM Technology. ”
During their internships at MGM Technology, DTU students have opportunity to participate in many training courses in customized merchandising applications, data management and security services and others.  

Vo Minh Long of K19 CMUTPM1 said: “On graduation, my classmates and I plan to apply for internships at leading national and international IT companies. At MGM Technology, we will be able to refine our IT, professional skills and special English, under the guidance of the experienced engineers there.”

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