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“Sustainable Tourism Development in the Central Provinces of Vietnam”: Current situation and Proposals

December 10,2018

On December 8, DTU held an International Conference for Sustainable Tourism Development in the Central Provinces of Vietnam to investigate and develop sustainable solutions and policies. Local and foreign Hospitality and Tourism experts, including South Korea and China, met each other and exchanged ideas...

Cultural exchange with Burapha University

December 14,2018

On December 13, the P2A Project Board and the DTU Global Student Exchange department jointly held a cultural exchange program with lecturers and students from Burapha University. This provided an excellent opportunity for DTU students to learn more about the Thai culture...

DTU Pharmacy Career Orientation Session

December 14,2018

On December 8th, the DTU Faculty of Pharmacy and the Pharmalink company held a career orientation session. Mr. Vu Hoai Nam, CEO of Pharmalink, Associate Professor Nguyen Ngoc Minh, Vice-Provost of DTU, faculty and students attended...

The DTU Rio Crew team win first prize in the “Flaming Youth” competition

December 7,2018

Overwhelming 14 other dancing teams, the Rio Crew won a first prize of 20 million vnd at “Flaming Youth” competition on November 18. The contest was held at the Hoi An Impression Theme Park for high schools, colleges and universities in Quang Nam and Danang. Teams performed Ensemble...

December 19,2018

Four Vietnamese Information Security Teams Ranked in the CTFTime Top Hundred

December 22,2018

According to the WhiteHat.vn forum, Vietnam is currently ranked as country number eight in the world, according to the number of CTF teams. Capture the Flag or CTF is a popular network information security contest, a series of networked war games focusing on the attack and defensive skills of the teams...

An Agreement with CO-WELL Asia

December 22,2018

On December 21st, the DTU International School and the DTU Faculty of Information Technology signed an agreement with the CO-WELL Asia Company to broaden internship and job opportunities for IT students...

The 2019 New Year K-Pop Dance Cover Festival

January 7,2019

Korean Wave has become one of the most popular and compelling trends enjoyed by young Vietnamese music-lovers. The preliminary round of the 2019 New Year K-Pop Dance Cover Festival was held at DTU on January 6, where the DTU and Korean students were able to get to meet and listen to the songs and dances of their Korean idols...

An Exchange with Keuka College from the USA

January 5,2019

On January 4, the DTU Global Student Exchange Office and International School began a two-week cultural exchange program with Keuka College, providing an insight into the American culture, the promise of a long-term international friendship and the opportunity to practice English. ..

DTU Lecturer Attends Conference at the University of Oxford

January 14,2019

The Oxford Symposium on Religious Studies brought together some of the world’s most famous scholars to discuss their research and views on Religion and Climate Change, Religion and Gender, Religious History, Religious Morality, Secularism, Religious Crisis, Religious Conflict, and Religion and Racism. Dr. Ranjan represented DTU and talked about his paper...