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Graduation Ceremony for Students of Second Degree and eLearning Programs

On January the 11th, DTU held a graduation ceremony for students of the Second Degree and eLearning programs. Attendees included Dr. Vo Thanh Hai - DTU Vice-Provost-Deans of Faculties, Centre Directors, 402 fresh graduates and their parents.
Mr. Ho Ha Dong awards diplomas to fresh graduates

Speaking at the ceremony, Dr. Vo Thanh Hai congratulated the fresh graduates on their achievements and said: “2014 was a year full of special events for DTU. The university celebrated its twentieth anniversary and received many honorable awards, including a Second Class Labor Medal, an Emulation Banner from the Ministry of Education and Training, and so on. New graduates of the DTU Second Degree and eLearning Programs are special candidates. Some of you are students and some others are state cadres. We want to show our respect to you for your hard work and aspiration for study. You are quite young and you should make sustained efforts to achieve more success, based on the knowledge and skills you acquired at DTU as well as in your life”.
Dr. Vo Thanh Hai gives awards to Brilliant fresh graduates

DTU granted nine outstanding fresh graduates 9 million VND on this occasion. According to a report from Mr. Ho Ha Dong, Vice-Director of the eLearning and Second Degree Center, there were 217 graduates this January, including 167 from B18, 40 from B17, 8 from B16, 1 from B15 and 1 from B14. Among them, there were 26 with excellent grades, 61 with good, and 125 with fairly good grades. The percentage of graduates with good and fairly good grades accounted for 40.09% and 96.77% respectively. As for the eLearning program, there were a lot of students from Phu Quoc, Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh city and Da Nang. Among 185 graduates, there were 28 with excellent grades and 88 with fairly good grades.

Nguyen Hoang Vu, who studied Business Administration and lived in Phu Quoc, Kiên Giang province (DTU eLearing Program), said: “We flew here from Phu Quoc, which is 1.300 km from Danang. The fresh graduates must have been delighted. The certificates we receive today resulted from our hard work and the support of DTU, our family and community. The knowledge and skills we have acquired will be the foundation for us to continue making contributions to the country’s economic development and to the protection of its sovereignty.”

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