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Undergraduate Thesis Defense Interviews for Second Degree Programs

DTU held undergraduate thesis defense interviews for B16 second degrees from November 22nd to December 12nd. Participants included Mr. Ho Ha Dong, Manager of the DTU Second Degree center, DTU lecturers and students.

382 B17 second degree students in four majors were involved, including 129 finance and banking students, 114 in business administration, 104 in accounting and 35 in tourism. At the beginning, Mr. Ho Ha Dong announced the names of the lecturers on the defense committee and stated the regulations. He advised students to stay calm, be confident and defend their theses well.
A student in finance and banking defends her thesis

“Today is an important day when we measure your results after many years of study. You have finished your courses and gained much vital knowledge which will bring you better career opportunities. Your knowledge is broad, so, in addition to practicing what you have learned at DTU, you must continually update your knowledge and experience in work and in life. You must try even harder to succeed. May your dreams will come true.” said Mr. Ho Ha Dong.

Students and lecturers with the defense committee
Students presented the main contents of their theses in front of the defense committee, who then asked them questions of clarification. Some theses offered solutions to society’s current problems, such as how to raise more capital for banks, how to attract more tourists to Danang and so on, which were highly appreciated by the examiners.
Most students came well prepared, kept calm and presented confidently. Student Do Ngoc Thuy Linh, of the B17QNH2 class said: “In the course of preparing my thesis, I had difficulty collecting and interpreting banking information and selecting appropriate analytical methods. However, thanks to the assistance of my lecturers, I have now completed my thesis. Throughout my studies at DTU, I have learned a lot, gained some practical skills and become more confident about finding a good job.”
The increasing confidence of DTU students in finding good jobs is evidence of the high quality education offered by Duy Tan University. 

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