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The Opening Ceremony of the First DTU e-Learning Course at Ca Mau Economic Technical Secondary School

DTU has signed several agreements with universities in Ho Chi Minh City to introduce E-learning courses to offer more study opportunities to students nationwide and has achieved great success recently. On Oct the 17th 2012, DTU signed an agreement to provide e-learning courses to Ca Mau Economic Technical Secondary School. The opening ceremony of the first course was officially held there on May the 25th.
Mr. Nguyen Thien Nghia presents study materials to new students
Attendees included Mr. Luu Vi Huyen, Provost of Ca Mau Economic Technical Secondary School, Mr. Nguyen Thien Nghia and Mr. Truong Anh Dung, Vice-Provosts of Ca Mau Economic Technical Secondary School, Mr. Tran Khanh, DTU's chief representative in the South, Mr. Le Van Chung, the DTU e-University Director and more than 60 students of Information Technology and Accounting. 
In 2008, MOET authorized DTU to introduce a new distance learning course in Danang which has so far enrolled two thousand students nationwide. However, an improved version was officially announced at the end of 2011, offering many new useful features. Following the agreement, DTU will provide the technology, materials and manage the training. 
Pham Nguyen Minh Ha, a new student enrolling in the course said: “As soon as my friends told me about DTU e-learning program, I decided to enroll. We are impressed flexible schedule. Using this program, we work in the daytime and study at home on the internet to gain further qualifications. This is a good opportunity for us to learn and improve our skills for our future careers".
The new online study method, enabling students to study at home, is more efficient than previous ones. Virtual access is provided so that lecturers and students can communicate directly with each other. Another advantage of e-learning is the flexible scheduling of the online lessons. Students can proceed at their own pace to work their way to graduation. It takes four years to get a bachelor’s degree and just three years for a vocational certificate. University and college students will spend between two and two-and-a-half years of e-learning. Furthermore, the credit-based system is a big advantage for those who want to shorten or extend their study time, according to their abilities. Students are also able to register for as many courses as they want.
For further information, please go to the DTU e-University at 182 Nguyen Van Linh Street in Danang. Or phone 0511 3 650403 or the DTU Training Department of Ca Mau Economic Technical Secondary School, at 2 Nguyen Tat than Street, Ca Mau City. 
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