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Advantages of E-Learning Courses at DTU

According to Elliot Masie, online study means “the application of technology to create, provide, select, manage, support and to reengineer traditional teaching methods. The growth of the Internet helps students to take courses in more economical and effective way to reach new heights in learning”. DTU invested in this new system four years ago. On June 2, the opening announcement ceremony of the 2nd e-learning course was led by Dr. Le Nguyen Bao, the DTU Vice-Provost.
Dr. Le Nguyen Bao addresses the ceremony
Although DTU was approved by MOET to offer this new academic system in 2008, enrollment only began two years ago, as it required time to set up the data base, curriculum and train the faculty. 

Innovations of the E-Learning program

Dr. Le Nguyen Bao, DTU Vice-Provost said “DTU’s E-Learning course is different from others because it uses Information Technology and the Internet that save time and improve quality. All lessons are recorded on a CD or a DVD. Tests and exercises used extensively to focus students on mastering their academic specialties”.  
Students at the opening ceremony
The system was designed precisely for students to pick up effectively. Students enrolling in the course should be quite confident. They just follow the lessons recorded on the CD or DVD on the e-university website and then do exercises and tests with more multiple choices and less written texts. Examples of tests are available for students to reference. Results of multiple choice tests are announced immediately on completion, when it normally takes about seventy-two hours feedback from written texts.  

Moreover, group discussions, role playing and practice are some of common activities that students get involved with in both online and offline lessons. Most of the subjects are taught by experienced business managers or faculty to enhance the practical aspects of the courses.

A Self-Selected Time schedule

Free materials on CDs and video clips are available at the beginning of the courses to allow students to study when they want without having to attend class. They just spend their time taking exams and getting feedback whenever needed.

Everyone will have a personal account to log into the e-learning website, talk with the faculty and exchange ideas with others in an academic forum. With their internet connected PCs or laptops, they can plan the most suitable times for their studies.

As this is a credit-based system, students are able to shorten or extend their period of study, according to their abilities.

Experience the Virtual Game, Second Life

Mr. Le Van Chung, the DTU e-University Manager said: “The Virtual game Second Life requires will cost a lot to upgrade. It is an academic game used for discussion and exchanges of ideas between members. In Vietnam, the game has just been installed at DTU and in Hanoi”.

Students will be able to log in to Second Life as a member of a virtual class and choose an avatar. Those living thousands kilometers away can get together, thanks to Second Life. Although students study in a virtual environment, the knowledge they gain is practical.

Mr. Le Van Tuan, a student of QTK1 said: “the DTU online course benefits me a lot as I can save time but still learn much from forums and discussions with faculty or experienced managers. The 3D applications in Second Life offer me exciting study experiences”.

The DTU e-learning and online distance-learning study programs have created a new environment for students. It is very especially convenient for those who are already at work, as they can plan to enhance their professional qualifications by quickly adapting to the latest social trends.

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