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The DTU International School “Ten-Year Journey” Camp

January 21,2019

On January 19, the ’Ten-year Journey” camping program was held by the DTU International School at the Hoa Khanh Nam campus. It was an opportunity for students to express their deepest thanks to the Board of Provosts, International School leaders and lecturers for their dedication and support over the past ten years...

The local 2019 Hult Prize Start-Up Finals at DTU

January 22,2019

On January 21, DTU hosted the local 2019 Hult Prize finals. First prize went to "Worky”, a Smartphone job search application, a second to the “Eco-Tourism by the disabled” project and two third prizes to the “WorkSpace Sharing” app and the “Efix” app, used for identifying and repairing electrical household appliances...

A Talk with DTU Students about Entrepreneurship

January 25,2019

On January 24, Hero of Labor Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, DTU President, talked with DTU students about entrepreneurship. The meeting was held by the DTU Startup Center. “When I was six, I worked as a servant,” said Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co. “When I was thirteen, I went to Saigon to shine shoes...

Students Give “2 in 1” Battery-powered Wheelchairs to the Handicapped

January 27,2019

The “2 in 1” battery-powered electric wheelchair enables users to better maneuver in confined spaces, where the motor can be detached, or for longer distances when attached. It is simple and convenient and can be easily tailored to the owner’s body and delivered in two sections, that can be joined together quickly by the user at any time, in any situation...

DTU Donates Ten Electric Wheelchairs to the Disabled

January 27,2019

On January 26, DTU donated ten electric wheelchairs, manufactured by lecturers and students from the DTU Center of Electrical Engineering, to local handicapped people with special difficulties. Dang Ngoc Trung, the lecturer who led the students, said that his research team wanted to make wheelchairs allowing the disabled people to move easily in different places unaided...

The DTU Robotica Group Gives Electric Wheelchairs to the Disabled

January 27,2019

On January 26, ten disabled people were donated electric wheelchairs worth 15 million dong each. The wheelchairs were the result of a DTU research project by lecturers and students, who designed and built them to provide the handicapped with an alternative means of convenient transport. The intention was to improve their psychological wellbeing and efforts to succeed in their lives...

DTU Lecturer Receives Best Paper Award at the International Conference on Data Management, Analytics & Innovation

January 28,2019

Dr. Anand Nayyar, a lecturer at the International School and researcher in the Institute for Research and Development at DTU, received a Best Paper award at the recent 3rd International Conference on Data Management, Analytics & Innovation (ICDMAI) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was entitled “Effective Classification & Handling of Incoming Data Packets in Mobile Adhoc Networks...

January 29,2019

Meeting with Local Media agencies ahead of Lunar New Year

January 29,2019

On January 28th, DTU met local journalists on the occasion of the 2019 Lunar New Year. On behalf of the DTU Board of Provosts, Dr. Vo Thanh Hai, DTU Vice-Provost, extended Tet wishes to the journalists of Danang who have followed DTU over the past 24 years...

The DTU Trade Union Presents Tet Gifts to Underprivileged Faculty and Staff

January 25,2019

DTU is one of the biggest universities in Central Vietnam, with 1,000 lecturers and staff. The university always helps hard-working employees materially and spiritually, especially the underprivileged. The DTU Trade Union presented 18 Tet gifts and train tickets valued at 30 million dong...