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First Fashion Design Class at DTU Graduate with Collections Full of Creativity and Passion

On May 31, 2024, the K26 class, the first of DTU’s Fashion Design program, concluded their four-year university journey with their graduation thesis defenses. The defense session gave the students a chance to showcase their talents and creative ideas, and provided them with a valuable opportunity to receive comprehensive feedback from the expert panel, which helped them further refine their knowledge and specialized skills in preparation for their next career steps.
The collection “Turning into a Dragon” by student Ho Hong Ngoc was inspired by the oriental dragon
The thesis evaluation panel for the graduation project included top experts in fashion design:
- MA Nguyen Thi Lan Anh, Director of Fashion Design at the DTU Faculty of Applied Arts,
- MA Nguyen Thi Suong, Vice Director of Fashion Design at the DTU Faculty of Applied Arts,
- Dr Vu Huyen Trang from Nguyen Tat Thanh University (Ho Chi Minh City),
- Dr Vo Thi Ngoc Anh from Hanoi Open University,
- MA Vinh Khiem from the University of Arts, Hue University
The collection “Four Sacred Spirits” by student Nguyen Phuong Linh was inspired by a painting of the Four Holy Beasts
The thesis defense was attended by designer Nguyen Lan Anh from MONCHERI GROUP Investment JSC, which paid to award outstanding students. The presence of the sponsor highly encouraged and motivated the students about to advance in their careers.
In the world of fashion, establishing a personal style and signature is most crucial and important. Among thousands of designs, a unique style helps designers stand out and quickly establish their own brand. The graduation project defenses served as a milestone where K26 students could express their individual styles and position themselves in the public eye.
The evening gown collection by student Nguyen Nhat Huyen Trang is inspired by the Greek goddess of love and beauty
Indeed, the graduation project defenses displayed the pinnacle of creativity and passion of the DTU students of Fashion Design. The confident and impressive presentation on the runway of the nine collections represented nine distinct personalities showing the brand of each individual. The judging panel regarded them all highly for their unique ideas, diverse styles, and meticulous investment in each design. Besides being the culmination of an educational journey, they are testament to the talent, dedication, and relentless effort of these young designers about to emerge from DTU.
At the end of the defenses, panel and sponsor awarded special prizes to outstanding students:
- Top honors with a score of 9.4 for their graduation projects went to Nguyen Phuong Linh with her collection “Four Sacred Spirits” and to Nguyen Nhat Huyen Trang with her “Design of a collection of evening gowns inspired by the Greek goddess of love and beauty”.
- A Practical Design Project award went to Tran Thi Hong Ngoc with her collection “Magnolia”, and the sponsor selected Ho Hong Ngoc with her collection “Turning into a Dragon” for an Impressive Design award.
Nguyen Phuong Linh and Nguyen Nhat Huyen Trang were delighted with their top honors for their graduation projects
Top graduate Nguyen Nhat Huyen Trang is happy with her results. “I have a passion for action and science fiction movies, many of which feature beautifully depicted goddesses,” she explains. “This inspired the collection for my graduation project. I researched various deities in Greek mythology and chose the goddess of love and beauty for my design theme. To accurately reflect the spirit of a Greek goddess without interference from Roman or Norse goddesses, I spent considerable time studying ancient Greek dress.
“Ancient Greek clothing didn’t have seams. People wrapped pieces of fabric around their bodies and tied them in place, which is how folds were created. Clothes are sewn nowadays, so I used pleating to intentionally create folds in the fabric and to give the lines in the fabric more freedom and diversity. I used an embroidery machine and bead embroidery to add highlights to the garments. For materials, ancient Greeks used linen, a lightweight fabric. To stay true to this spirit and enhance the feminine allure, I used silk and taffeta. For the colors I chose beige and gold, which were both deeply meaningful in Greek culture.
“My four years at DTU have ended with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills, along with beautiful memories. My plan after graduation is to establish my own fashion brand, and I believe that, with the education I received at DTU and my own efforts, my dreams and plans will soon become a reality.”
The graduation project defenses for the first class of Fashion Design marked not only the end of their journey of university education but also the beginning of a new chapter, promising success and rich experiences in their design careers. With a solid foundation and support from school, panel of judges, and business, one may hope that these young designers will confidently go forth and meet with resounding success on their journeys ahead.
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