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The fourth "Treasure Hunt" competition

On May 19, the DTU School of Engineering & Technology held the 4th "Treasure Hunt" competition 2024 to provide an engaging platform for university and high school students to implement new ideas, while also encouraging creativity and skill development.
Ð?y hào h?ng v?i cu?c thi “Truy tìm Kho báu” l?n 4 nam 2024
Dr. Pham Phu Anh Huy, Vice-Rector of the DTU School of Engineering & Technology, said: “This is a traditional competition held by the DTU Faculty of Civil Engineering, which started in 2015. It aims to create an intellectual playground for university and high school students in Da Nang who have a passion for discovery and a love for science and technology. By participating in this competition, students will have opportunity to explore and learn fascinating knowledge in the field of construction technology”.
Ð?y hào h?ng v?i cu?c thi “Truy tìm Kho báu” l?n 4 nam 2024
The organizers awarded first prize to university students
The competition is divided into two groups for participation. Group 1 consists of teams from high schools in Da Nang, and Group 2 includes teams of students from the DTU School of Technology and Architecture. 
Ð?y hào h?ng v?i cu?c thi “Truy tìm Kho báu” l?n 4 nam 2024
... and a First prize to Three Ducks" team (high school students) 
After four hours of intense competition, the event concluded with the announcement of the prize-winning teams.
For High school students:  
- A First prize was awarded to "Three Ducks" team, including Le Kim Ha Nhi; Nguyen Huu Thuc; Le Thi Minh Chau frpm Thai Phien and Tran Phu high school;
- A Second prize was given to “TPU Boys” team, including: Nguyen Mai Dang Khoi; Nguyen Trung Hieu; Dang Nhat Tan; Dang Nhat Vu from Tran Phu high school;
- A Third prize came to “The Innocent Wolves" team, including: Nguyen Thi Ngoc Khanh; Tran Phuong Khanh Ngoc; Tran Hoai Bao Thy from Son Tra high school and the 2nd Center for Continuing Education;
- A Consolation prize was awarded to “Four Black-Haired Folks" team, including: Nguyen Thanh Dat; Nguyen Hoang Nguyen; Le Bao Danh; Dang Le Ngoc Hieu from Pham Phu Thu high school.
For University students: 
- A First prize was awarded to “Bán chuyên 3” team including: Doan Mach Thanh Nam; Nguyen Duc Tuan; Nguyen Van Vuong - K28 Faculty of Civil Engineering; 
- A Second prize was given to the “F“ team, including: Nguyen Thi Diem Quyen; Nguyen Hoang Dieu Hien; Nguyen Thi Tuyet Nhi; Huynh Ngoc Han - K28 Faculty of Architecture;
- A Third prize came to the “27VCL” team, including: Van Quy Cam; Phan Tang Xuan Quyen; Truong Quoc Huy - K27 Faculty of Civil Engineering;
- Two Consolation prizes were awarded to the “Choi khô máu” team,  including: Nguyen Ngoc Han; Nguyen Tan Phat; Nguyen Anh Vu - K26 Faculty of Civil Engineering and the “Bringing the Treasure Home” including: Trieu Thi Ha Phuong; Bui Van Quang; Huynh Ngoc Sang - Faculty of CSU Civil Engineering and Architecture.
The "Treasure Hunt" competition is an excellent opportunity for high school and university students to showcase their talents and expertise in the fields of Construction and Architecture. It contributes to promoting competitive academic activities within the DTU Engineering programs, provides high school students with a chance to experience learning activities on the university campus, and strengthens connections among high school students, university students, and faculty members at DTU. 
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