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One more SkillsLab to Enhance the Quality of Architectural Education

On May 4th, Heisei Corporation in Japan donated DTU a lab equipped with 40 high-configuration computers as part of the "Heisei-VJIET Skillslab" project for Architecture students. This is the third lab DTU partners donated the University, following the Computer Lab sponsored by Samsung Vietnam and the Cyber Security Lab donated by Suganuma Corporation and Fore Corporation.
The "Heisei-VJIET Skillslab" project is a collaborative effort attracting considerable interest, aiming to combine high-quality human resource training and architectural technology transfer from Japan to enhance the quality of architectural education at DTU.
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân có thêm Skillslab Nâng cao Ch?t lu?ng dào t?o ngành Ki?n trúc
Mr. Kosaku Nishihara 
Heisei Corporation Chairman of Directors, Mr. Kosaku Nishihara said: "Thirteen years ago, Heisei Corporation began employing foreign workers. Presently, we have 80 foreign employees, including 24 from Vietnam. Since February 2024, we have received the first batch of DTU interns, who are currently working very diligently at Heisei.
Today, we are honored to partner with DTU, one of the prestigious universities in the Vietnamese education system. We also believe that today’s ceremony marks the beginning of a comprehensive collaboration in the fields of Architecture and Construction with DTU. Through these cooperative activities, we hope to contribute to the development of DTU and Vietnam's workforce."
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân có thêm Skillslab Nâng cao Ch?t lu?ng dào t?o ngành Ki?n trúc
The MOA signing  
Accordingly, the "Heisei-VJIET Skillslab" project will provide a disciplined learning and working environment for DTU Architecture students. The students will be trained in using specialized design software, hone professional skills, and experience advanced architecture and construction technology in Japan through regular internship programs coordinated by the Vietnam-Japan Institute (VJIET) at DTU. Particularly, students who participate in the "Heisei-VJIET Skillslab" project will be given priority for employment as official staff at Heisei Corporation and its Japanese partners upon graduation.
Through the "Heisei-VJIET Skillslab" project, DTU Architecture students will have the opportunity to access a professional learning and working environment, be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the fields of Architecture and Construction. Additionally, creating digital products and experiencing advanced technology in Japan will provide them a better understanding about the trends and demands of the international architecture market.
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân có thêm Skillslab Nâng cao Ch?t lu?ng dào t?o ngành Ki?n trúc
The Skillslab 
DTU Provost Dr. Le Nguyen Bao emphasized: "Before today's signing ceremony, DTU and Heisei Corporation have engaged in several joint activities over the past few years. This has demonstrated mutual trust and established a solid foundation for a sustainable partnership that fosters mutual development, aiming to provide better learning and working conditions for our students. We, DTU in particular and Vietnam in general, have to learn a lot from Japan, especially when Vietnam is still in the developmental stage.
Architecture is a foundational sector for the economic and social development, and being able to acquire techniques from a developed country like Japan to support our students in accessing new technologies, especially the opportunity to gain real-world experience in this field from Japan, is very important.
Initially, our goal in this partnership was to send students to Japan to prepare them for advanced technologies. However, at this point, Heisei Corporation has brought those technologies to DTU, starting with the Skillslab and its advanced equipment and technology for teaching, which is very wonderful. I believe that this demonstrates the trust the Japanese side has in its partners in Vietnam. Construction and Architecture are sectors that are always in demand, so the knowledge and skills gained through university education and the advanced technologies accessed and experienced through the 'Heisei-VJIET Skillslab' project will provide our students with even more attractive job opportunities in the future.”
The "Heisei-VJIET Skillslab" project represents a significant step forward in building collaborative relationships between education and business, while also creating career development opportunities for Architecture students in an international environment. The collaboration between Heisei Corporation and DTU not only benefits the students but also helps enhance the relationship between Vietnamese universities and Japanese businesses.
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