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A DTU Student Turned down Job with Starting salaries in Thousands of dollars to Pursue a Career of 'Cultivating People'

Since he was an architecture student at DTU, Nguyen Hoang Long has been known for achieving numerous awards, medals, and certificates from both national and international architecture competitions. These achievements helped him receive various job offers from architectural firms offering starting salaries over a thousand dollars even while he was still in his final year. However, after graduating, Hoang Long decided to work for DTU Architecture Faculty because his dream was to become a dedicated lecturer who could impart his passion for architectural design to next generations of students.
Study Architectural works and win the 2023 IDEERS Asia-Pacific Championship
Born into a family whose father works in construction, Hoang Long was familiar with his father's work from a young age and gradually shaped his own career path. When it came time to choose a major and a university, Hoang Long was decisive, opting to study Architectural works at the DTU School of Engineering and Technology (SET).
Sinh viên ÐH Duy Tân t? ch?i luong nghìn USD d? theo nghi?p 'tr?ng ngu?i'
Nguyen Hoang Long with the 2023 IDEERS Asia-Pacific Championship Cup
“As a new student, I was very excited to see that the DTU Architecture Faculty had held many competitions for new students. My goal was to learn as much professional knowledge and soft skills as possible. I felt quite lucky that the faculty members of the Architecture Faculty were so enthusiastic and dedicated, who always accompanied and facilitated students like me to experiment, make mistakes, and have the opportunity to correct them!” Hoang Long shared.
With a profound passion and love for architecture, during his five years at DTU, Hoang Long participated in many large and small competitions both domestically and internationally.
Sinh viên ÐH Duy Tân t? ch?i luong nghìn USD d? theo nghi?p 'tr?ng ngu?i'
Hoang Long beside an earthquake-resistant house model
Participating in the IDEERS Asia-Pacific held in Taiwan (China) on September 22 and 23, 2023, Hoang Long, Le Quoc Toan and Nguyen Thanh Quyen won the championship by designing a model house that could withstand earthquakes with a ground acceleration of nearly 8 on the Richter scale. This competition drew many teams from top Asian universities with long-standing experience in earthquake research, further proving the talent of DTU architecture students on a large-scale platform.
Previously, Hoang Long had won numerous prestigious awards, including:
- First prize in the Fast Design B category at the 13th National Architecture Student Festival - Festival 2022,
- Top 15 best works in the Danang Tourism Check-in Model Design Competition 2021,
With many other certificates for participating in various design competitions such as:
- Certificate for Safe Housing and Sustainable Community Design adapted to Climate Change in Coastal Areas awarded by the United Nations Development Programme in Vietnam and the General Department of Disaster Prevention in 2019,
- Certificate from the Bathroom Space Design ASDA 2022 Competition held by General Director, LIXIL Vietnam, LIXIL Water Technology APAC.
Turn down job with starting salaries, in thousands of dollars, from many architectural firms
From his fourth year, Hoang Long was exposed to real-world work by participating in the “3D Design of Quang Ngai Spring Flower Street 2023” project. 
Sinh viên ÐH Duy Tân t? ch?i luong nghìn USD d? theo nghi?p 'tr?ng ngu?i'
Hoang Long (third from the right) and other team members won first prize in the Fast Design B category at the National Architecture Festival 2022.
Hoang Long received job offers from architectural design firms with starting salaries in thousands of dollars. However, the aspiration to become a university lecturer became the decisive motivation that led Hoang Long to choose to work for the DTU Faculty of Architecture.  
Hoang Long shared: “The salary offered for the position of an architect I received from architecture firms was very attractive for a fresh graduate. My friends and family were quite surprised by my decision to switch to being a lecturer. I had thought it over and believe that pursuing the job I love will surely bring more work inspiration and motivate me to achieve the goals I set for myself.”
Spread the passion for earning and dedicated work to the next generations of students
Hoang Long understands that: For students of Architecture, besides knowledge of the discipline, technical skills, and aesthetic design, this field also requires in-depth knowledge of design software and the ability to apply new technologies to design. Therefore, even though he chose to become a university lecturer, Hoang Long actively enhances his knowledge day by day to be ready to share and support DTU next generations of students.
As a teaching assistant at the DTU Faculty of Architecture, Hoang Long shares: "My five years of study at DTU has given me a solid foundation in professional knowledge and professional skills. I highly value the dedication and support of all my teachers during my studies, research, and participation in competitions. I will do my best to develop various aspects of myself to pass on knowledge and experience to young people who love Architecture."
Hoang Long has participated in international architectural competitions such as: Velux Awards 2024, New Kaira Looro Architecture 2024’s Edition - Maternity Centre in Africa… A new journey full of challenges awaits this young man, and undoubtedly, success will come to those with heart and talent who are striving to further advance Vietnam’s Architecture field into the future.
For further information, pls see: http://tuyensinh.duytan.edu.vn, http://set.duytan.edu.vn
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