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DTU Language, Social Sciences, and Humanities: A Popular Choice for High-Scoring Applicants

The innovative teaching methods along with well-invested and modern facilities has helped the DTU Social Sciences & Humanities majors to be listed in the Top 400+ in world university rankings. 

Notably, this is the field that welcomes a large number of high-scoring candidates each admission season. A lot of DTU valedictorians with scores above 9 points per subject have chosen to study Social Sciences & Humanities.
The 400+ ranking acknowledges achievements in education and research. 
Two prestigious global rankings have placed the DTU Social Sciences & Humanities programs in very high positions, specifically:
Top 451 - 500 worldwide according to the QS World Rankings by Subjects 2023,
Top 401 - 500 worldwide according to the World University Rankings by subject (THE) 2024.
Kh?i ngành Ngo?i ng?, Xã h?i nhân van DTU: Ði?m d?n c?a nhi?u thí sinh di?m cao
The DTU Social Sciences & Humanities programs ranked in Top 401 - 500 worldwide 
according THE 2024 by subject
This, to some extent, confirms the DTU development and reputation in the fields of Social Sciences & Humanities in terms of both education and research. As a result, students are not only exposed to high-quality teaching and leading research but also have the opportunity to engage with an international standard learning environment.
DTU students have the chance to participate in numerous training connection programs with DTU's partner universities worldwide through exchange and cultural programs with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (USA), Busan University of Foreign Studies (BUFS) in South Korea, Okayama Shoka University (Japan), the ASEAN Vocational Education and Training Exchange Program (SEA-TVET), and others. These opportunities to gain knowledge and experience life in different countries have equipped many DTU graduates with a rich set of skills to conquer challenges in their future careers.
Foreign Language students learn with native speakers
Having spent years in Vietnam, many foreign instructors at DTU have a better understanding about the country and its people. Familiar to DTU students are Mr. Lucius Corbett Tyler from the USA, Mr. Gregory Gordon Sadler from Canada, Mr. Jon Dalangin and Mr. Ryan Guttierez from the Philippines (teaching English); Ms. Li Li and Ms. Li Xia (teaching Chinese); Ms. Kim ZaeHi, Ms. Kim Su Yeon, and Mr. Park Ki Dong (teaching Korean); Ms. Kuwata Emiko and Mr. Hirai YuTaKa (teaching Japanese). 
Kh?i ngành Ngo?i ng?, Xã h?i nhân van DTU: Ði?m d?n c?a nhi?u thí sinh di?m cao
Foreign lecturers are dedicated to teaching DTU students
Not only do they assist students in mastering foreign languages, but foreign lecturers also help them learn about the customs, festivals, and traditional cultures of various countries. This enables students to confidently interact with international partners or fully showcase their abilities when studying or working overseas. 
Therefore, the DTU foreign language programs attract a large number of students each admission season. The university ensures the provision of high-quality human resources in English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese to meet the substantial demand for foreign language expertise in various specialties, such as:
-  English for Translation and Interpretation; English for Tourism; Business English
- Chinese for Translation and Interpretation; Chinese for Tourism; Business Chinese
- Korean for Translation and Interpretation; Korean for Tourism; Business Korean
- Japanese for Translation and Interpretation; Japanese for Tourism; - Business Japanese
International Relations:
- English Program,
- Japanese Program,
- Chinese Program.
Modern facilities ensure students of Journalism and Communication have a conducive learning environment
In the digital era, with a rapidly expanding information network like today, building a modern infrastructure system that fully meets the learning demands of students will help them confidently develop their abilities and confidently navigate the "flat" world.
A lot of extracurricular activities held at DTU provide students with a variety of "soft" skills.
Students majoring in:
- Journalism,
- Multimedia Communications,
- Public Relations
DTU students have a significant advantage since the DTU Graphic Center and the Silver Swallows Studio (SSS) provide strong support for training in film and photography skills with a full range of equipment for the most modern photography technologies, image processing, and filmmaking, including a professional film studio, sound processing studio, post-production room, VFX room, etc.
Knowledge in: Broadcasting, Digital Journalism, Event Organization, Communication Design, Crisis Management in Communications, Film and Television Production, has become more practical than ever as students get hands-on experience in workshops, labs, and classrooms equipped with professional-grade equipment.
Additionally, students have the opportunity to participate in real-world activities and projects at the Marketing & Communications centers, Go Stork magazine, or the DTU Science & Technology magazine. The Information Technology Center (CIT), the Software Engineering Center (CSE), the Science & Technology magazine, and the Communication Center play crucial roles in supporting students with internships and practical learning. Thanks to the support from these centers, DTU students have the chance to put their knowledge and skills into practice. This enables students to continuously develop their creativity and apply new technologies to produce unique and engaging media content.
Kh?i ngành Ngo?i ng?, Xã h?i nhân van DTU: Ði?m d?n c?a nhi?u thí sinh di?m cao
Silver Swallows Studio is well-equipped with all necessary functions to produce high-quality films
Mastering knowledge and skills in Law and Economic Law
Studying Law at DTU, students will be equipped with a general legal knowledge foundation and, depending on their major, they will also gain expertise in areas such as:
- Financial, Banking, and Securities Law,
- Economic Law, Commercial Law, Land Law,
- Labor Law, Administrative Law,
- Intellectual Property Law,
- Criminal Law,
- Medical Ethics, Legal Profession and Ethics, etc.
Additionally, students will learn about the organizational structure and operations of state machinery, state management, public administration, inspection, complaint and denunciation resolution, etc.
DTU Law and Economic Law students have the opportunity to practice in mock trial simulations. In each session, selected cases are significant, highly topical, and closely related to reality, suitable for the training modules of third and fourth-year students. Students directly "role-play" various positions such as Judge, Prosecutor, Court Clerk, Litigation Lawyer, etc., during these mock trials.
The DTU School of Foreign Languages - Social Sciences & Humanities - A destination of valedictorians
The DTU School of Foreign Languages - Social Sciences & Humanities (LHSS) has always been a destination for a lot of outstanding students. Notably, for the past three consecutive years, the DTU Top-Scorers have been students from LHSS.
Kh?i ngành Ngo?i ng?, Xã h?i nhân van DTU: Ði?m d?n c?a nhi?u thí sinh di?m cao
Over the years, the DTU valedictorians are students majoring in Social Sciences
Over the years the DTU valedictorians are students majoring in Social Sciences, including:
- H' Mi Sa Kbuôr, who scored 28.25/30 and enrolled in Public Relations in 2023
- Dinh Thi Hoai Nhi, who scored 29.5/30 and enrolled in International Relations - Talent Program (HP), in 2022, and 
- Ly Thi Men, who scored 29.75/30 and enrolled in Business Law - Talent Program (HP), in 2021.
This demonstrates the appeal of the DTU School of Foreign Languages - Social Sciences & Humanities programs and the real demand for human resources in the field, which has undoubtedly been setting a strong trend that is expected to continue growing in the coming years.
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Kh?i ngành Ngo?i ng?, Xã h?i nhân van DTU: Ði?m d?n c?a nhi?u thí sinh di?m cao
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