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2024 Student Scientific Research Conference of the DTU International School

On April 27, the DTU International School held the 2024 Student Scientific Research Conference. This event aims to encourage and develop students' scientific research capabilities, offering students an opportunity to present outstanding research topics while honoring significant achievements in this field. 
Students of DTU International School present their research paper 
The main goal of the 2024 Student Scientific Research Conference of the DTU International School is to enhance the quality of education through students' research activities. Additionally, the conference serves as an occasion for the DTU International School to review and assess the student research activities during the 2023-2024 academic year.
The conference was divided into two subcommittees:
- Subcommittee 1: covering the fields of Software Technology, Cybersecurity, and CMU Management Information Systems, with nine research topics presented, and
- Subcommittee 2: focusing on PSU Economic Management, with eleven research topics presented.
Most of the papers presented at the conference were highly regarded for their quality, offering feasible solutions. Many topics ventured into new research directions, showcasing the creativity and problem-solving abilities of the researchers involved.
Dr. Nguyen Duc Man, Vice-Rector of the DTU International School awards First prizes to Subcommittee 1 and 2
After a thorough evaluation process, the conference awarded prizes to the most outstanding topics:
- Subcommittee 1:  
a First prize to the paper entitled: “Beacon Voice Assistant For the Visually Impaired”;
two Second prizes to “Multiple-choise Scanner - A tool to assist in marking multiple-choice questions at DTU using machine learning methods” and “Ezgrader - DTU grading support system”,
three Third prizes to: “Online learning platform with integrated content summarization tool”, “AA2S – Academic Advising Support System at DTU using GPT technology”, and “CCD – Climate Change Dashboard”;
three Consolation prizes.
-  Subcommittee 2: 
a First prize to the paper entitled “The factors influencing purchase decision of life insurance by customers in Da Nang”;
two Second prizes to “The factors influencing the decision to choose hired driver services by customers in Da Nang, case study at GoCheap” and “The impact of KOCs on social media platforms on consumer buying behavior of cosmetic products”;
two Third prizes to: “The factors affecting customer satisfaction and loyalty towards the team-working coffee shop model in Da Nang” and “Factors influencing the investment decisions of individual investors towards FPT company in Da Nang”;
six Consolation prizes.
Truong Quoc Thang, a project leader of “Beacon Voice Assistant for the Visually Impaired” said: “Beacon is a voice assistant specifically designed for the visually impaired on Windows PCs. With its ability to recognize and process natural language, Beacon helps users control their computers, read news, listen to music, and more. With this project, our team hopes to create an application that not only reduces eye strain but also enhances computer usability for the visually impaired. To perfect this project, we applied a wide range of knowledge and specialized skills in computer science, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing. Additionally, the process of working on this project and presenting it at today’s conference has enhanced our team-working, presentation, and critical-thinking skills.
Participating in this Conference has brought us many valuable opportunities. It was a venue for us to present our research topic, receive valuable feedback from experts, and learn from other innovative projects. Especially, winning first prize has validated our approach and the urgency of the topic, and it also serves as a strong motivation for us to further develop our project in the future.”
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