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The “Zenglish Speaker 2024" Finals

On May 26th, the DTU International School held the final round of the “Zenglish Speaker 2024” competition. This all-English presentation competition attracted the attention of many talented students of the DTU International School.
Chung k?t Cu?c thi “Zenglish Speaker 2024”
Student Dao Duc Anh Hoang
Attendees included Prof. Dr. Lim Sang Taek, DTU Vice Provost  and Rector of the International School; Dr. Tran Van Duc, Vice - Rector of the International School; and Dr. Hong Goo Soo, Director of the Innovation Research Center, International School; representatives from the I-Art Club & ISM Club of the International School, students, and lecturers.
The competition commenced with the Top 8 finalists. In the first part of the finals, each contestant had a maximum of 5 minutes to present their topic on “Passion for a Brighter Future,” followed by a Q&A session with the judges. The competition was extremely exciting and engaging, with each contestant delivering interesting presentations and confidently handling the judges' questions.
Chung k?t Cu?c thi “Zenglish Speaker 2024”
... won Zenglish Speaker 2024 
After a rigorous evaluation by the judges, the top 5 contestants advanced to the second part of the finals. They strived to convey profound messages related to one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through their presentations.
- Zenglish Speaker 2024 was awarded to: Dao Duc Anh Hoang (K29 TROY DLK)
- Second prize was given to: Tran Vo Ngoc Tuyen (K29 PSU QNH1) and Nguyen Thi Kim Chi (K29 ADP QTH)
- Third prize was presented to: Nguyen Thi Xuan Nhi (K29 TROY TPM) and Bui Thao Linh (K28 PSU QNH1)
Chung k?t Cu?c thi “Zenglish Speaker 2024”
Contestants pose for a photo with the judges 
Dao Duc Anh Hoang said: "This is a very meaningful program for students. After participating in the competition, what makes me happy is the opportunity to interact with many other talented contestants, acquire a lot of knowledge, and develop important English skills. I hope that the International School will continue to hold more meaningful programs like this so that we have the chance to express ourselves and broaden knowledge."
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